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I am here after forever of lurking, to bring you... FANART :O

I have a bunch. I've stuck two of my faves under the cut (I'm dialup friendly :D) and posted links to the others ^_^

Kinda intended to draw something new and shiny, but to be truthful it's way too hot over here for me to do anything resembling constructive... one of these two pictures can be vaguely viewed as Envy/Ed, but for the most part it's just there to be random.

Biro drawing. I love Biros VERY much ^_^

...MY LITTLE PONY :D (I have 28 of them, but sadly no Ed or Envy ones ;~;)

As for the others... read the warnings before clicking.

Movie Al (movie spoiler? For those who have not seen the trailers...)

Envy/Ed, yaoi-ish. Envy has his hand down Ed's trousers. Oh, and I forgot the Ouroboros, please forgive me ;~;

Pigtails Ed, bad biro doodle with quick OpenCanvas colours. So little attention is drawn to the pigtails you hardly even notice they're there.

Envy. Or at least something meant to vaguely resemble him, but it looks more like a random girl ^^;;

Edward. Shirtless. Wearing those light blue short things ^^ Automail's a pain @_@

Roy... looking not like Roy. He's too cute to be Roy. Fear bad colouring @_@

Envy, in the form he took in Episode 50. ... as such, a nice sizeable spoiler there. Puny pic.
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