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Unfairness of FUNimation's current FMA contest

This is mainly going out to all FMA fans who reside within the state of Florida.

FUNimation's current Biggest FMA Fan contest is open to all US residents over the age of 13, except for residents of Florida. Myself and friends who are fans feel this is descrimination and completely unfair. There is no stated explanation cited in the official rules. I'm asking that, if you feel the same and are a FL resident, to Email FUNimation and complain. My friend did so, and got an answer stating that FL has strict contest laws and they didn't want to bother with the financial aspects to allow FL residents to participate. She was told to complain to state legislators instead.

If nothing else, we'd like this explanation to be stated in the rules. However, we feel that excluding us, despite this reason, is still unfair. Most national contests include Florida, so why couldn't FUNimation make the effort? If they can't include everyone, it's not worth doing, IMHO. I'd feel the same if they excluded any other state, as well.

If you feel that they should at least give the good grace of giving a reason in the official rules, please contact them and give them your opinion. I've always felt FUNimation was a great, fan-friendly company, so this is like... betrayal or something. Especially to be given such a lame and conceited response.

Thanks for your attention.

ETA (4:34 EST) - Everyone has a right to complain. Yes, Funi is a business, and they're not going to pay for anything more than they have to. My point is, if you have a problem, then you should contact the source of the problem and let them know how you feel. That's democracy. Telling me and others not to complain is telling me not to exercise our right.

There is no law in FL prohibiting them, it's just legal red tape, and Funi is avoiding that. What I would like to see happen is for reasons for exclusions be explained in the official rules. It's only fair. FL isn't the only state/location, other places experience this type of thing too (Canada, for instance, as many have commented over). Yes, I'm mad and complaining that I can't enter, that's the truth, but at least give a reason for it. And before you point me over to that post in the forum, I have read that. They should state that in the legal official rules, or provide a link. That's only common curtesy.
- Orca
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