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FMA pictures and merchandise from JAPAN

Hello! Just a quick post that amused me to no end.

Some of you whom don't know me.. well I just got back form spending 8 days in Japan.. and I will be uploading pictures and so forth as I get to them ( cause I have over 900+ X__x ) but I had to post this advertisement in the local 7/11 (( called AM PM ))

Cut cause it involves the movie.

Like I said this was taken at the front of a AM/PM (( basically the 7/11 over there which they also had and a Circle K. O__o go figure...

Now onto the other cute stuff that they had FMA related I hadn't seen before.

This pencil board came from a Magazine.. literally.. I opened a magazine I bought and it fell onto my feet. Imagine my glee when I got this little guy.. he's not big but eh.. what you expect with Ed.

Another Pencil board I THINK came from a magazine as well, but I can't partically remember. It was either from a magazine also or it came from a vending machine. (( In which I bought a really nice Ed shirtless nice sized poster from which cost me bout 400 yen .. so about 4 bucks? XD))

A VERY nice book that has to be over 200 pages long.. I got this one along with it's counterpart in an anime/magazine store which had to be about 8 stories tall. (( Heaven I tell you ))

DA DA DAAAA AL's Nekkid BUM! ........sorta.....Darnit it the camera shoulda been lifted up a little more. Oh well I mainly got this cause I LOVED the cover art and all the art in it is really amazing. Brought back memories of the series *sniff*..... but I mainly got it cause it's a book with Al's naked bum on it.

and these 3 little things... which all are post-it note kinda things.. I love Ed and Al on the front of the orange one with the milk.

I also which has not been posted got... get this..

you ready?..

a Full Metal Alchemist FLAME ALCHEMIST UMBRELLA....

Logic?....Heck if I know I jus thought it was pretty damn funny. XD

I think it had something to do with a free .. toy or something./. I have a pencilboard of the boys I am going to edit and upload in this post at a later time.. but I figured this was just a little quickie to show everyone about it who is excited about the movie.

:) Lemme know if this is okay.. I figured it would be under a cut.

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