Mike (finnell1912) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Talk about Chapter 49

Ok so we now have Chapter 49 translated thanks to ZOMG. So lets talk about it!

I have one main thing to throw out in the open. So far we know the sins have died in a manner that matches their biblical punishment for being committed. Greed boiled in oil, and Lust smothered in fire and brimstone. The punishment for Gluttony is to be force fed rats, snakes and toads, and Envy is to frozen in ice.

They're fighting him in a forest and Ed already commented on where the mass is going perhaps the key to beating Gluttony is to keep him eating everything and anything in the forest.

Or for a more crack idea, perhaps Envy turns into one of those animals (on a massive) scale and chokes Gluttony?

Want more crack? Perhaps all the mass goes into a black hole which is super cold and freezes Envy? But really that's just pushing it.

Anyone else feel like this chapter was a big tease? I wanted to see Ed, Roy, and Gluttony roll, but instead we got surprise sedge way into Envy's own little editorial column on the human condition.

Ed’s pack’n heat, though I’m sure he won’t use it to shoot anything, he’ll MacGyver!Alchemy into something.

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