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Fic. <3

Title: Research
Pairing: Elricest
Rating: PG (maybe light PG-13)
Summary: Ed and Al undergo a 'trial seperation'.
Warnings: WAFF, Fluff.

Feel the love. <3 ^__^;;

~They had promised themselves they would have a trial separation….~

Ed sighed and scribbled furiously on the paper he was writing. Research…. research. They had both promised, and he wasn’t going to be the one to fall back on it. Not that that meant Al would but….

Oh, who was he kidding? He was dying.

And it wasn’t just because of the fact that he couldn’t see Al (of course that was the major part of it) but still…. There were so many underlying themes to it that made it a thousand times worse.

For one, he was bored. And Edward Elric was not one to be happy when that happened. Despite how much he complained (and that was mainly to Roy) he loved traveling. Ok, so maybe the actual traveling part of it was no fun, but still. He loved constantly moving.

Secondly, he couldn’t research. Now, half the reason the separation had gone on was because of research. Edward couldn’t understand the point if he couldn’t get any done.

And third…. He had never been so damn horny in his life.

Now, naturally, none of these were, he grimaced, REALLY good reasons to go back. (At least, not according to Al.) And the only one thing that was holding him back was….

~Al smiled at him, hugging him close and kissing him on the head. He then let his brother go, starting to walk out of the room. He paused once he reached the doorway, leaning comfortably against the doorframe. “Oh, Nii-san? If you don’t stay, no sex for a week.”~

Ed shuddered. How could Al be so cruel? It really wasn’t fair. Although…. He was starting to question himself.

Would no sex for a week really be so bad? At least he would get to see Al…. but then again.

Ed frowned. Knowing Al, he’d probably spin the rule around so that he couldn’t touch him or kiss him either. Knowing Al…. he’d probably say something like, “That’s sexual, Nii-san. I said no sex.”

And so, Edward gritted his teeth and stayed.


It was the fourth night into the week when he heard a knock at the door. Ed sighed, and continued to write. No use going to get the door. “Come in!” He yelled, circling a paragraph and writing again.

He paid no attention to who the unknown guest was until he felt a pair of warm familiar arms slip around his wait. He turned. “Al?”

His little brother smiled down at him. “Hi Nii-san.” Al set a hand on his older brother’s chin, turning his face so he could kiss him.

After a minute, Ed pulled away and grinned. “So…. you’re here early.”

Al’s expression changed, and he grinned sheepishly. “Yeah…. I guess I am, aren’t I? Sorry. I….” He paused. “I missed you too much.”

Ed’s grin widened, and he pulled his little brother into his lap. He set one arm around his waist, and continued writing with the pen.

Somehow, the research went much more smoothly.

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