crazy_toffee (crazy_toffee) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA Scar/Ed yaoi fic: The One Place, part 2

Title: The One Place 2/?
Rating: Still a measely PG (NC-17 in future parts)
SPOILERS: For the end of the series, yesh, definitively.
Pairings: Ed/Scar
Notes: Inspiration for this fic is owed entirely to herongale, because she made Ed/Scar a believable pairing and I'm just leeching off her greatness. As for who this fic is really FOR... why it's for anax! It was his bloody contest that got it started, after all. (Besides, maybe the kinslayer will enjoy this and decide to write more Voluspa. ^.^ Muahahaahah, oh yeah, Voluspa...*swoons*)
Summary: “It is hard to hate you, Edward Elric. Even then, you were hard to hate. Both you and Alphonse.”

Also, another important detail: I beated and fixed up the first part, adding some bits. Please reread that, if possible, before marching onwards? ^^/U

The Once Place, Part One --> Fake cut to the previous part.

The One Place, Part Two --> Fake cut to the update.

Your eyes are heavy, you feel sleepy. You feel the irresistible urge to leave comments on this fic...

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