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Files Request and News

Has anyone seen the files for the Hagaren Radio DJCD Hagaren Housoukyoku Take 2 anywhere? (This is one of the CD that highlights guests and other things from the Hagaren Radio Hour) It's the one that features Lust and Scar's VAs as guests, and has the "bossa" version of "Tsuki no Uragawa" on it.
I've been wanting to add it to my collection and it's out now. Anyone know where I can find it? Another one I'm looking for is the Radio DJCD Hagaren Hosokyoku - Kaku no Chigai wo Miseteyaru Special. According to CDJapan, it's a special that was aired on March 20th, 2004, and features Winry's, Roy's and Hughes' VAs as guests.

I'd also like to find the second drama CD in the Crown Jewel of Heaven arc. I only have the first one for this.

Also, so this post isn't JUST me begging, the third Radio DJCD Take 3 is up for preorder on CDJapan:

It will feature Hughes and Envy's VAs as guests, and will have an orchestral version of "Ano Yume no Mukou e."

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