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Because I'm a Loser:B

Full Metal Alchemist is Love

Want this banner for some strange reason or another?

In no way am I against/poking fun of gay rights. This was made just for fun:)

And then there's the OT3 that rules all other OT3's... and restored!Al and (2 more versions of) Winry by themselves (notice how they are all taller than Ed >D)

More here (Ed is down at the bottom in the comments). I spent forever and a half looking for that post, yay! XD;;

Please do not direct link the OT3 image and/or the individual adoptables; save to your own server, or I'll hunt you down;D

[edit] I feel incredibly stupid... I forgot that Winry's bandana was supposed to be green in the manga version XD; it's fixed now:D Sorry for the inconvenience/moment of stupidity

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