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Hiya! My first post here. . .

Well folks, there's a hurricane a'blowin, and my computer is gonna be down for a few days. So sad. But I figured I would go ahead and post something in this community, because I have been lurking for. . .a while. *looks sheepish*

Title: birthday!Roy: 'prologue: The What-A-Suprise Party','part one: The Present That Takes The Cake','NEW!part two: 'The Icing On The Cake'

Pairing/Summary: YAOI WARNING! RoyxEd, It's Roy's birthday and Ed wants to give him a present. . .smut (nothing TOO bad yet, but next there will be. . .a suprise ;D), yaoi, miniskirt!Ed, fluff, touch of teh angst, frosting. . .O.o'  No spoilers. Nope.

Disclaimer: If FMA was mine, heh heh, you would be able to tell, just trust me on this one.

I hope that you all like it!


~Prologue: The What-A-Suprise Party~

Roy Mustang ran a gloved hand through his mass of black hair with a sigh. It had been a long day, too long. He surely didn't feel like facing the over-cheery mountain that lay ahead of him.

Another birthday, another year older. Great. It's been an absolute hell, anticipating this damn thing all day, trying to act as though I didn't know what they were all whispering about, watching them skirt the 'b-word' and the 'p-word' like they were some sort of plagues.

Another sigh escaped him. He loathed his birthdays. All they did was remind him of everything that he hadn't accomplished in the past year. Why did they all insist on celebrating it when he asked them not to?

Fullmetal, you had better be waiting in there with them to make my efforts count for something! You haven't come to see me all day, goddam pipsqueak.

He dragged himself to his office door, behind which he could hear the whispered conversations and muffled laughter of his fellow soldiers. He leaned his forehead against the wood for a moment, taking in a deep breath and letting his arms droop to his sides. Wasn't it the same every year? And why did they always expect him to be suprised? Wrapping his fingers around the doorknob he began putting on his best 'oh-my-god-see-my-shock' face, resolving to go ahead and get this over with.

The doorknob turned with a quiet squeak, and he held it still for a moment, hearing the rustle of paperwork falling to the floor as they all scrambled around his desk.

"Shhh! Someone's coming in! It might be him!"

Hughes. Apparently one to state the obvious.

"Havoc, if you don't duck behind that chair right this instant I will be forced to shoot you!"

Wow, Hawkeye, that would be a great present, niccotine stained blood splattered all across my couch. Lovely.

He waited just until he heard a loud clanking, an obvious signal that Alphonse had sunk to the floor and was as well hidden as he would ever be (which, judging by the slightly disappointed sighs from the others, wasn't to well at all ) before pushing the door open with a sarcastic smile.

"Oh.My." He said in a monotone voice, swinging his arms and gesturing overdramatically to the dark and supposedly empty room. "I simply cannot believe that noone remembered my birthday. Noone. How.Disappointing."

He rolled his eyes at the stream of cigarette smoke wafting up from behind his couch, making sure to give it a nice push backwards with his hip, satisfied when he heard a muffled hiss from the blonde chain smoker, and even more satisfied when he heard Hawkeye give an exasperated sigh from behind the desk.

"Whatever shall I do. I.Feel.So.Unloved."

Did they think he was blind? They acted as though he would never be able to see the stack of gifts in the corner, the cake box perched haphazardly upon the paperwork that covered his desk. He had to stifle a chuckle as he noticed the way the little bit of light in the room glinted off of Al's head as he hunched over behind a chair. Or, hold on a second, was that Armstrong?

"Unloved, I say. And.Utterly.Forgotten."


He spun around on his heel slowly as the light switch was flicked on and the intruders raised themselves from their 'hiding places' with glimmering looks of glee.

"Ha, sir, we got you good again!" Fury giggled, adjusting his glasses.

Mustang arched an eyebrow at him, scratching his chin.

"Yes, Fury, that you did."

An arm was thrown over his shoulder and he looked up into the face of one Maes Hughes, grinning broadly.

"Well happy birthday, Roy! It's about time you showed up to your own party!"

"Well, Hughes, technically I wasn't even invited."

"Yeah, I know," Hughes leaned over to whisper, " I keep telling them that one year your not even gonna bother to show up."

Mustang smiled sarcastically. "Oh no, I love this."

Hughes patted his back, spinning away to let the others have their turns wishing the Colonel well. Mustang smiled, giving everyone the appropriate nods and comments, biting his tongue as Armstrong went on and on with his soliloquy of how 'the art of throwing suprise parties has been passed down through the Armstrong line for generations'.

Finally, when all of the "Happy Birthday's" and "You know Chief, at your age you should be careful ramming into furniture like that, it's more than likely you'll break a hip"(Havoc, of course) and "We got you so good again's" died down and everyone had mingled away to give him a small moment of blessed invisibility, he sought out the giant suit of armor looming above the crowd that was Alphonse.

"Alphonse," He said quietly, tapping the boy on the back as though he would feel it.

Al turned around quickly. "Oh! Hello, Colonel! Happy Birthday!"

Mustang gave a small smile. "Thank you. Alphonse," he raised himself slightly onto his tiptoes to whisper "where's your brother?"

Al seemed to falter for a moment, giving out a nervous laugh. "Er, I don't know, Colonel, I thought he was with you." Roy frowned. "No, I haven't seen him at all today." He crossed his arms, shooting a suspicious glare to Alphonse. "I told him last night that he had better be here."

Alphonse gulped. "Eh heh, well, I have no idea where he could be. Sorry!" And with that he turned away, quickly rushing off to strike up a conversation with anyone else but him.

The corners of Roy's lips turned down even more, the crease in his forehead deepened. "Well, Al, you just made it blatantly obvious that you are hiding something." But what could it be? What could cause Edward to abandon him here in this hellish pit of party cheer?

"Come on Colonel, it's cake time!"

A firm hand grasped his shoulder and wrenched him away from his thoughts, pulling him towards the desk. "I am fully capable of walking, Hawkeye, I do not need to be dragged." Riza released him with a small (and what Mustang knew was a slightly sarcastic) smile, pointing at the bright yellow frosted homemade cake. "Come on, it's your birthday! Eat cake, be happy."

Mustang grimaced at the number of candles dotting the frosting.

I don't even want to think about how many candle's that is. . .definately enough to be considered a major fire hazard. . .

"Well, blow 'em out, Roy!" Mustang shot a glare at Hughes, who totally ignored it. "Come on, because after cake comes everyone's favorite part, presents!"

~End Prologue~


~Part One: The Present That Takes The Cake~

Roy trudged up the stairs glumly, disappointment eating away at his mind. His savior had abandoned him.

Dammit Ed, where are you?

He buried his face into the grey fur of the large stuffed dog he was carrying, giving the sack dragging behind him a rough tug. He had been loaded down with gifts, most of which he would never use. (Such as the 3ft. tall framed collage given to him by Hughes made up entirely of photos of Elysia; which was currently stuffed into his office closet) But this dog, he liked this dog. Especially when he considered that (though he would never admit it) he really needed something to snuggle up to at the moment. Havoc and Fury had done a good job, he had to hand it to them. But the great Flame Alchemist receiving a stuffed animal for his birthday? He would never hear the end of it, he could be certain of that.

Mustang draped the toy over his shoulder as he reached the landing and turned to his apartment, the sack thunking behind him.

I would probably feel better if I knew what to feel. . . He thought bitterly. I don't know what to feel about you Ed. . .and now, it's my birthday, and you know I hate it. . .and you were supposed to be here. . .

Numbly, he stuck the key into the knob and turned it, the creaking of the worn hinges oddly annoying and comforting at the same time. He was home, he had made it through another birthday. But he was alone.

Feeling soothed by the darkness he tossed the sack inside, letting it fall to the floor with a loud 'thronk'. Then, with a noise very much like the bag of gifts, he sank to the floor, using his heel to nudge the door shut.

You were supposed to be here to make it all better. How could you forget?

Curling himself he lay atop the stuffed dog, tapping his fingers against the animal's floppy ears. He stared blankly over at the way the moonlight sliding in softly from the window caught the tiny snags in the deep blue carpet. He slowly removed his gloves, wanting to pet the dog and feel the softness as though it were real. He lay his warm cheek to the grey fur and smiled sadly to himself.

How foolish do I look, a grown man, a Colonel, cuddled up to a stuffed puppy like I was a little boy?


Mustang jumped, pushing himself onto his knees, groping out into the dark for his gloves. What was that?


He froze in the process of pulling the white shield of cloth onto his left hand. That noise. . .it sounded oddly familiar. . .like bare automail on a carpet floor. . .

"Why, happy birthday, Colonel Roy Mustang."

Mustang's heart jumped at the familiar voice, and he felt a smile spread over his face.

A lamp was switched on in his bedroom, the light flooding over into the corridor where he lay. Squinting up into the somewhat offensive light, he saw a familiar silhouette. The silhouette of his lover. His heart rushed to keep up with his excitement as he tossed the gloves across the room and ungracefully leapt to his feet.

"Ed! Oh, Ed, where have yo-"

Roy stopped, jaw sliding open and eyes growing wide as his vision became adjusted to the light and he beheld the whole of the sight before him. He tried to speak, he really did, but his throat refused to emit any noise except for a choked 'eerrrmmm'.

There, in front of him, stood a sight that had the ability to drive every coherent thought from his mind. There stood Edward Elric, his mane of blonde hair pulled into two gleaming pigtails, each tied with a dark blue ribbon that flowed down to brush against the pale skin of his chest, totally revealed by the way he held his hands to his small muscular torso, pinning back the silky white button up shirt. Matching the ribbons around each of his wrists, a blue bow wrapped around his throat, the ends trailing down to curl against exposed hip bones and slide over a tight and immodestly short light blue miniskirt. Yes, that's right, a miniskirt.

It was Mustang's dream come true and then some.

His jaw dropped further as his eyes scanned over the muscular thighs that were revealed, the way the pleats swished ever so slightly, the hem floating just below Ed's groin. Suprising himself, he felt a quiet moan slide out and over his lips. Ed grinned broadly, taking a step towards him and tilting his head coyly.

"I've been here waiting for you practically all day."

He wrapped his fingers in the ends of the bow, twirling it playfully and winking.

Mustang watched in a lustfull stupor, admiring the way Ed's muscles moved like liquid beneath the skin, the way his golden hair caught the light and sent it bouncing out again, the way the cold automail of his leg glinted.

"I didn't think you would want me to give you your birthday present in public, even though I think it woulda been fun."

Ed laughed slyly, stepping in close and standing on tiptoe to lay a soft teasing kiss on the taller man's lips.

Suddenly, every fiber in Mustang's body began to move rapidly all at once, as though trying to make up for the moments he had squandered with his staring.

He grabbed the boy by the shoulders and pulled him upwards, pressing their lips together passionately. Edward let out a small groan as Mustang slid a hand over the exposed flesh of his inner thigh. Using a firm push to compel the boy to the ground, Roy promptly spread his legs and settled himself atop the pale skin of Edward's thighs and grinned down into clear golden eyes full of anticipation. Ed bit his own lip, purposfully making his eyes wide and innocent.

"You know, it's your birthday, Colonel. . ."

Roy nodded, feeling the boy's hands making quick work of the buttons holding the military uniform shirt to his body.


"And. . ."

Ed assisted him in shrugging the cloth from his shoulders, small hands lingering at the older mans nipples and pinching them gently.

"And of course I want to offer you a present. . .So. . .you have my full permission to do. . ." Edward slid his hand down from Roy's nipples, down over the hot bare skin of his stomach, down over the portruding press of his hipbones beneath the skin, and let it rest on the zipper of the older mans pants. "To do anything that you want with me."

Roy groaned, tilting his head down at the blonde with a grin, eyeing the ribbons wrapped around each of the boy's wrist mischievously. "Is that so?"

A zipper stands no chance against nimble fingers, and the one holding up Roy Mustang's pants was no exception. Mustang gasped as gentle fingertips tapped their way down his shaft and made their way back up again, coaxing him. He tossed his head, shaking a few stray strands of black hair from his eyes as he began to grind their hips gently together, urging the hand into a fist, sliding slender fingers up beneath the hem of the miniskirt and causing Ed to gulp.

"Yes, anything. . .anything you want. . ."

Mustang began to grind harder, leaning over to nip at Edward's throat.

"Then I accept your present, Edward Elric."

~End Part One~



~Part Two: The Icing On The Cake~

"Yeah, I figured that you would."

Ed tightened the fingers of his flesh hand even more around Roy's rapidly growing phallus, sliding along it gently, grinning as the man gave a gasp of pleasure. Mustang slid his hand out from under the miniskirt where it had been massaging the soft skin of Ed's right thigh and slowly moved it up to the boys shoulder, thrusting softly and slowly against the firm yet gentle fingers. He brushed the boy's shirt away and down his arms, letting his mouth nip along the smooth collarbone, lips snagging the bow around his throat, sending goosebumps racing over the his soft skin. Ed pulled away just long enough to let the silky top be tossed across the room and land atop the stuffed dog.

"I'm sorry for not being at your party. . ." Edward said quietly, metal fingers twining themselves in the smooth dark strands of Mustang's hair, the blue ribbon tied to his wrist dangling down to tickle the man's cheek, warm fingers reaching down to cup around him once more.

The Colonel smiled, pinching the boy's nipple gently, turning his hips this way and that and enlisting Edward's automail hand for help until his pants slid down to meet his ankles where he could easily kick them away.

You have no clue what you do to me, do you?

"I may find it in my heart to forgive you..." he thrust a bit harder, breath speeding up," Besides, you're here now..."

So many times you've left me guessing, clinging onto nothing but my own confusion, waiting, yet you always show up eventually. . .and what would I do if you didn't?

Ed gave a soft smile, running his automail hand down and along the mans shaft to send shivers up Roy's spine."I do wish that I coulda had some birthday cake, though, Gracia is so good at making it. . ."

Roy rolled his eyes playfully, lifting his head to press his lips to those of his young-and-always-hungry lover.

And the worst part is that whenever you do show up, I can't even tell you how you've torn me apart, just the sight of you distracts me too much. . .not to mention your smell. . .your sound. . .your touch. . .

"How can you think of eating right now. . .", he thrust roughly against the groping metal and flesh fingers, now throbbing with excitement, "besides, I managed to snag a few pieces. . ."

"Really? Well hmm. . ."

Mustang looked down into his lover's eyes suspiciously, noticing with disappointment the way that the fingers were loosening there grip. "'Hm' what? Why are you thinking about this now?"He pressed himself urgently into his lover's hands, reluctant to be released.

When I'm with you, I don't care if you've hurt me or if you will hurt me, I just want to take a hold of you and never let go. How do you do it? How do you toss me around like you have no clue as to how deep my feelings really go and then always finagle your way back into my arms? How do you make me love you like this by just being you?

Ed grinned up at him boyishly, licking his lips. "And where are these few pieces?"

Roy shivered happily, studying the way moistened lips shone in the lamplight. "Why? You wanna take a break, have a snack?" he smiled sarcastically, a disappointed groan coming forth as the playful hands were slowly drawn away, tails of the ribbons causing a tickling sensation all through the sensitive skin around and up his shaft. Edward smiled slyly, taking his now free fingers and tapping them along the taut skin of Mustang's torso. "Maybe. . . Now tell me where the cake is, pretty please?"

Mustang buried his head into the warm crevice of the small alchemist's shoulder, sighing, grinding himself against the soft cotton of the miniskirt. "Don't stop. . ." He reached his hand out and stroked his lover's cheekbone softly.

Never stop. . .never stop any of it. . .stay like this forever. . .

Ed moaned quietly at the press of Mustang's shaft against his own, but kept his hands firmly on the older mans waist. "Come on, tell me where the cake is, Roy. . ."

The Colonel lifted his head, grinding against him harder, urging him to continue. He shot a sidelong glance down at the blonde, feigning anger. "And what of your present? You said we could do whatever I wanted. . ." Ed brushed a few strands of unruly hair from the man's eyes, closing his eyes in growing pleasure as the grinding increased. " I'm not backing out, Mustang, just tell me. . . I promise you'll be glad you did. . ."

Roy sighed, leaning into the hand on his forehead with a sigh and thrusting up against him. "Yes, of course, I always get the greatest pleasure from watching you scarf down food, Fullmetal. . ."

Ed rolled his eyes, trying his hardest to seem unaffected by the pulse of hot flesh against his thighs and torso, using up every ounce of his restraint just to keep from full out raping (consensual though it may be) the naked man who was panting atop him. The tiny alchemist felt himself going from comfortably warm to overly hot, but in a very good way.

"Dammit, would you just tell me already. . ." Ed slid his hand over the man's hard shaft teasingly.

Roy smiled smugly at the pleading that hovered in his lover's voice, shivers coursing over his skin at the light brush of fingertips. "Okay, fine, I'll tell you, but keep in mind, you're so gonna pay for this."

"Ooh, I look forward to it." Ed winked.

"That's because you have no idea what you're in for." Mustang grinned, tracing the boys jaw with his tongue.

" Tsk, how bad can it be?" Ed retorted, struggling to sound nonchalant, wiggling away from the tongue, sure that if he gave in it wouldn't be to long before he gave out. He knew that Mustang always seemed to go forever, but he himself had been known to lose control occasionally ("It's because I'm Young Roy, OKAY?!"), this was torture. . .

"Uumm, very bad. . ." Mustang whispered into the blonde's ear, flicking his moist tongue over the soft lobe. Ed moaned, tossing his head. Mustang chuckled, thrusting himself hard onto the boy's hips and clenching his thighs. He felt Ed's shaft straighten up in attention, tenting out the short miniskirt, felt the boy's legs kick out in pleasure, saw his eyes widen with slight panic.

"Naaaah-Roy! Cake, dammit! Where's the goddam cake?!" Ed cried out, flattening his hands against the man's chest and pushing him up and away frantically, cursing the way the firm body only aroused him more. Roy laughed, sliding out of his place atop the boy and down to the soft blue carpet of the floor, shaft throbbing hard.

Of course, I always give in, always. . .but one day, one day I really will get the best of you. . .one day I'll make you writhe like I do for you, one day I'll have you screaming so loud that us keeping this a secret will be pointless. . .and who knows, maybe that will be today, Ed. . .

"It's in a round container over in that sack, probably all crushed and crumbly," He nodded his head towards the forgotten bag of gifts, "Now hurry the hell up and do whatever you plan to do. You told me I'd have free reign, and I'm gonna hold you to it, it's my birthday after all." He grinned, taking ahold of the blonde's wrists and giving the ribbons there a firm tug, pulling Edward up into a sitting position and then releasing them.

Ed shot him a playful glare, sticking out his tongue. "You pervert." Roy jumped at the oppurtunity and took the soft wet tongue with his own, twining them together. "Well, you bring out the worst in me Fullmetal, what can I say?"

Edward scooted away, grinning broadly, eyes glinting in the dim light."You don't know how happy I am to hear you say that." He turned and crawled cat-like towards the sack, moving his hips suggestively back and forth, knowing that Mustang's eyes were glued as he reached out and stretched his arm to grab it, the pleats of the miniskirt flapping up to reveal practically his whole behind.

"Hm, wow, Edward, you really need to wear women's clothing more often. . ." Roy grinned as the boy turned around and winked seductively, flicking his tongue against his teeth. "Only for you, Roy, only for you. And if you ever tell anyone I wore this, I'll kill you."

Roy chuckled, running a hand through the dark tangles of his hair. "Aw, I won't tell anyone, but you have to promise me that when we're finished up I can take a picture of you all fixed up again and holding that precious little dog, who by the way is almost twice your size. . ."

The Fullmetal alchemist raised a mischievous eyebrow at him. "Ha ha, I'm gonna choose to ignore the last half of that comment for now. . .But, if you really want. . ."

He kneeled over the sack, reaching his hand inside, groping around past various soft and firm objects for anything round and plastic.

"I do, and you will pose for it, and that's an order. . .it'd be so adorable. . ." Roy smiled.

"Yes sir, Colonel Mustang. . .Ah ha, found it. . ."

He pulled out the hard shell protecting the soft cake inside and pryed away the lid, a mischievous gleam filling his eyes as he looked down at the bright yellow frosting spread over the sides of the container from the cake bouncing around as Roy had dragged it up the stairs, the whole thing now a mass of sticky crumbs.

Roy heaved an exasperated sigh, fidgety and bothered as he stared at the way the shadows played over the boy's bare skin. "I cannot believe that you are worried about food right now, Ed, come on. . ."

You are in for more than you know for putting me through this, you little shrimp. . .

Ed smiled over at him, sliding his flesh fingers along the icing caked plastic slowly and then bringing them up to hover just in front of his mouth. "What can I say, Colonel, I like food." He licked his lips seductively and began crawling back to Roy, a secretive grin on his face, dragging the container along with him and humming to himself.

Roy grinned back now, breath speeding up even more as the boy situated himself at his feet and waved the frosting covered fingers just above his shaft, metal hand reaching up to his inner thighs to spread the man's legs wide over the padding of the carpet, although Roy got the idea quickly and spread them mostly on his own; but of course, how could he mind the extra help?

"You are aware that this is going to be ridiculously sticky, aren't you. . ."

"Oh but Colonel, since when do I mind sticky. . ."

The elder Elric slowly trailed a frosted finger over the man's shaft, smile broadening when he received a pleasured groan. Gently he tapped the other's down one by one, dotting the sweet yellow cream, his eager fingers working rapidly to relay their covering to the man's hard before snaking down to cup his balls. Edward could feel the tension building in the man and it caused him release a soft moan, savoring the way that the softened frosting caused his fingers to stick together and slide akwardly along the smooth milky skin of Roy's groin.

He looked upward, locking eyes with his lover even as he bent to lay kisses upon his navel, hot tongue darting out of his mouth to flick it's way downwards, the smell of the sugar and slight sweat intoxicating. Roy bit his lip, muscles tensing with pleasure as the boy's smooth tongue finally managed to reach his shaft and slowly flick out to the treat waiting there, brushing along the upper side softly until he reached the head. The colonel's fingers dug into the carpet around him. Edward reached up to give the man's pink nipples a soft pinch, flesh fingers grasping the hilt of his shaft roughly as he hovered the hard in front of his soft lips teasingly, blowing his warm breath onto it gently.

God I love you. . .I love you so much that it hurts. . .

"Goddamit Ed. . ." Mustang moaned, thrusting up his hips. Ed chuckled softly, letting his mouth slack open to take his lover in, sliding the warm wetness of his tongue out and lapping up more of the tasty frosting with feline grace. Mustang thrust again softly, pushing himself completely into the boy's mouth, moaning as he slid between the moist and sticky lips to brush against the blunt sharpness of teeth and rest on the flicking tongue. Ed sucked softly, swirling his tongue around the shaft, tastebuds guiding him to wherever there was a spread of frosting and then promptly gathering it up, eyes still fixed upon his lover's face, watching the tiny beads of sweat gathering on the smooth forehead as he held himself back and thrust gently, resisting the urge to pound into the hot sweet stickiness that enveloped him. Ed hummed, sending the vibration over the man, running the cool metal of his automail hand up to trace hard hipbones, flesh hand now massaging the man's sack. He smiled and rolled his tongue as Mustang moaned yet again and writhed slowly, his thrusts quickening with passion. Ed sucked harder, making Roy groan against him as he clenched his teeth, hands flying down to wrap themselves in the gold silk of his hair and tug gently, feeling the way that the frosting had stickied it up. The Fullmetal felt himself throb, past the slowing down point.

Edward groaned softly, slowly sliding the throbbing shaft from his mouth despite the silent protest that the thrusts implied. He extended his tongue to full length and rolled it over the hot and very sticky underside before pulling away and breaking the eye contact with his lover to move his way up to the firm chest hovering in front of him. Roy groaned, panting. "Ed. . ." Edward smiled, wrapping his teeth around one pink nipple and nibbling at it.

"I toldya you wouldn't regret telling me where that cake was." The Elric settled himself between the man's legs and began to rub himself against his abdomen eagerly, the friction of the miniskirt as he rubbed only erecting him and Roy more.

"Oom, yes, you did, and you were right, pipsqueak, but-" Roy reached down and hooked his forefinger under the blue ribbon wrapped around the boy's throat, getting a look of mild suprise as he tugged it tight, pulling the boy's lips up to his own and slicing his tongue over into Edward's mouth roughly, groaning as they shared the taste of sweet lemon tinged sugar and sweat, lips sticking against one another's tongues and pulling away with tiny wet noises"-now-", reaching down his other hand he dipped slender fingers beneath the him of the miniskirt and gave a tight squeeze to the erection waiting there. A moan of anticipation escaped out from the boy's sticky lips, working it's way around the Roy's tongue, "Now it's my turn. . ."

Edward laughed quietly, air rushing in rapidly to his over excited lungs. "You make it sound like you're going to. . .to. . .what are you going to do?" He raised an eyebrow and frowned curiously up at the older man.

Roy flashed him a scheming grin, hooking his other finger's into the ribbon around the boy's throat and tightening it even more, pressing rough fingertips onto the upside of the boy's shaft.

You drive me crazy. . .I'm going to make you scream, Edward Elric, I'm going to make you beg. . .

"Let's just say that it'll be fun. . ."

"Roy. . .", the Elric kissed him rough and hard, nipping down on the tongue that entered his mouth, "'fun'? Yeah. . .Do your worst, Colonel, let's just say be glad it's your birthday. . ."

~End Part Two~


Yeah, it's rushed, sorry! I know there are probably oober things I coulda done better, but *sigh* oh well. I had to post because I don't know when I may get the next chance. (And I wanted to get this part out of the way so that I could move on to bondage!Ed. . .yes, I am evil. . . evil and proud. . .) I just hope it didn't hurt to much to read, because I have absolutely no friggin' clue how to write smut, and I mean NO CLUE. Yeah.

(Part Three will be here just as soon as this storm passes, I promise! *<3's you all for suffering through her crappy fic!*)

Please read and review! *comment whore* Thanks! I hope you like!

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