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Has anyone else heard this RUMOR?!

We went up to Anime Remix to see some things and the owner was there. The owner is an asian man who direct imports and makes trips to Japan himself to bring things back. He ends up having a lot of odds and ends we don't get to see anywhere else.

So Stephughes bought a FMA wall scroll and he started talking to us about FMA. He said, 'You've heard about the movie?" and we said of course! And he said, "Well I know it's suppose to pick up where the series left off and be set up for 2 more seasons."

Two more seasons? TWO MORE SEASONS?! 0_0

Ok this is one wild rumor, but the man travels to Japan regularly and trades in anime I mean... could this be true?! I mean they made a follow-up to Jubei-chan, why couldn't them make more FMA?

What do you guys think?!

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