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FullMetal Alchemist Gathering at Anime Expo

Yay! The gathering was fun! I know that there were a lot more FMA photo ops during the entire con, but these are only from the Friday gathering. I'll post any hall!cosplay cosplay images I have when I'm finished editing all the other photos.

Ohhh Spoiler Warning for Sin identities and things involving them.


I'm Lt. Ross on the left and I met up with the Riza again later in the con at the Bleach gathering :3

Male Envy cosplayer o.o


Yay for Izumi!

Didn't we do a shot like this last year...?

A-Typical Hughes XD

Al joins the party!

XD Al and his kitty were here last year too... I love that kitten <3

Military Can-Can

Group shot!

Ou! Pride from Bluebird's Illusion. She was really surprised I recognized her X3

Leg clingage!


Poor Ed XD

And the Winrys swear by it...

Envy's gonna get it

Bradley and Gate babies o.o

LOL! Finger flick.

Larger sin group!

I love it when the guys are sports for these sorts of shots XD

Now, this shot happened by accident XD if I remember right, Envy fell and they ended up on the ground like that and just continued posing.

The sign for raptorix's costune was really handy for anyone not in the manga loop! X3

At the end of the gathering, my photographers and I were pooped, time to be lazy.

Thanks to shinibun and memento_macabre for taking many of the photos for me!

And now.. two totally random videos for the Ed and Winry cosplayers who were having fun XD;

Winrys chase Eds with a milk carton and promptly beat them w/ their wrenchs

Winrys force Eds to drink the milk and they promptly gag/die

Not all of the images I took from the gathering are in this post (there are 64 in total ^^; and the page would take forever to load) the remainder are on my cosplay.com account starting at this image

If anyone wants larger sizes of the images (2048 X 1536) for printoff/whatnot, leave a reply or PM me on cosplay.com and I'll upload them for you :D

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