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More movie page updates

That's right! The movie page has updated seven times since I posted their last update. It's getting busy there! Hehe.

Usually I would paste the Japanese text of all the updates to get an accurate translation for each, but since there are so many, I am going to do the best I can to summarize the updates in English. Go to the movie site to see the Japanese.. please do, in fact, if you actually are in Japan or will be there for a while this summer, as all of these things only apply to those who are actually there, I'm afraid.

7/6 updates:

On 7/16 at 2 PM, Tower Records is going to air a special Conqueror of Shambala talk show. For you lucky Japanese fans, just walk into the Shibuya Tower Records store and head to the first floor's information counter, where they will be giving out free tickets on a first-come first-serve basis on 7/12.

(Can someone record this? Please?)

Also on 7/16, something is happening at Hankyu Corporation that I really don't understand, but it involves Paku Romi and Kugimiya Rie. It only matters if you're in Japan, once again. I wish I knew what this was about. If anyone wants to go to the site and translate it that would be great.. some sort of summer gathering event.

7/7 updates:

Want to see the movie the night before it's supposed to be released and go to a L'arc~en~Ciel concert as well? Call 0570-063-024 on the 13th between 7 pm and midnight and you could get a chance to reserve these special tickets. Unfortunately they are not accepting international calls.

7/8 updates:

They appear to be selling some sort of "clear poster" and something else with movie tickets now. I don't really understand the details, sorry.

Cloud 9 is selling some lovely Flamel pendants with cubic zirconia in the center. 7,140 yen each.

Dates and times the special movie preview program will air are now listed on the movie updates page.

More details about the special summer event that I don't understand have been posted. I would be incredibly greatful if someone actually translated the stuff about this event, again.

For those who somehow missed it, the movie's website is .
So, unfortunately these updates don't give us any real info about the movie, of course.. but it's neat to know anyway, especially stuff like the talk show, movie pre-screening, and the pendants. At least, I think so.

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