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[FMA fic] When The Night Comes

Because I haven't written much in a while....
FMA, AU, one shot. Betaed by kytyngurl2 (thanks♥).

* * * * * * *

When The Night Comes

* * * * * * *

Roy never claimed to be an expert in this particular field.

But he is very much sure that nobody wanted to be one.

It is as hot as one could expect on a summer night, but the boy huddling against his chest is shivering as if it were winter. His skin is cold and clammy, and Roy can hear the sound of teeth grinding against each other from him. Roy shifts, trying to make both of them more comfortable.

No, Roy never claimed to be an expert in this.

Somewhere outside the tent, somebody has just exploded something again.

The boy flinches. Roy rubs his back and makes low soothing sound, hoping that he won't go into hysterics again. The man wishes that the dawn would come faster, so the day can start again. No matter how hard it is, the boy always manages to be normal during the daylight.

Well, as normal as a fifteen-years-old in the middle of a warzone could be.

The boy lets out a whimper. Roy continues to rub his back until he is calmer, but the shivering just won't stop. Like the other nights since they came here.

They have just arrived in this trench last week, but their last post wasn't too far away and they were there for too long. The boy's nerves were already fragile enough when they were forced to empty the base and escape to this abandoned trench.

They say a war involving alchemists is a war that is over in a night. Too bad it is not true if the other side has alchemists too.

A war involving alchemists on both sides is a bloody one, both in literal and figurative sense. Higher bodycount, because both sides refuse to take back their ordinary soldiers. Higher stress, because you don't know how or when the enemy will attack. Higher trauma, when you still have any sort of conscience because you can't help but killing the ordinaries along.

In the daylight, Fullmetal Alchemist is an effective killer machine. In the nighttime, he is just a boy, a scared one whose conscience screams and guilt accuses.

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The boy has calmed down a great deal. Roy has now stopped rubbing his back, but the boy has yet to push him away, thus the man decides that this might be one of those nights that 'never happened'. So he just stays still and watch as the boy in his arms drifts into a light sleep.

Roy never claimed to be an expert in comfort. But when the night comes again, he will be there for the boy.

It is the least he can do for him.

And it is the most he can do to keep his own ghosts at bay.

* * * * * * *

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