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Fullmetal Folly!

Come one, come all! The FMA post-series roleplay to trump all roleplays is on its third chapter, and making yet another call for players!

The Setting: Amestris, three years after the close of the TV series

The Basics: Edward finds himself in the ruins beneath Central City, three years after the events that took place at the end of the TV anime series. Accompanied by old friends, he goes on a journey back to his old home town of Resembool, where he must face the many changes that took place while he was away...some of which he will have a hard time adjusting to...and some of which are more dangerous than they seem.

And this journey is only the beginning of the story...

If you're an avid, literate, creative player who's sick and tired of wading through LOLing newbs, hideously OOC canon characters, and insipid Mary Sues or Marty Stus, this is the place for you. There are dozens of roles still open--any unclaimed character still alive at the end of the anime series is up for grabs, so c'mon by and have a look!

For that matter, even if you're not a roleplayer, by all means come and enjoy the story with us! Fullmetal Folly is compiled especially for reading in a "novel" format, on the main community page. We love our readers as much as our players! ^_^

Fullmetal Folly

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