Caveat Lector (midnightbanshee) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Caveat Lector

FMA movie pamphlet being sold? XD

While I was out with a friend last night, we came across a store selling FMA merchandise. To my surprise, even the movie pamphlet, (which can be obtained for free in Animate stores in Japan) was on sale. It was going for HK$20, which is around US$3. Errr.....*sweatdrops*

Well, I got plenty of these while I was in Japan, but I'll scan it anyway in case anyone's interested:



Oh, and for those who missed my post a few days ago on the scans of the FMA Movie Background Guide Book that came out recently, it's [HERE].

There was also another free pamphlet on the movie that I picked up but I'll scan that when I have the time.

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