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This is a little drabble/poem I wrote a while ago. It's sort of introspective-y, from Roy's POV. There are spoilers for Episode 25, but no other warnings besides that. Please enjoy!



This is revenge.

It doesn’t take much to bring this about.
A touch, or a glance, or an ill-mannered shout.
But here we shall try to be more exact,
In hopes that this way none will ever be trapped
In these horrible circles, arrays intertwined.
When it ends they’re left tired, souls haggard and lined.

This is revenge.

It starts with a mishap, a fault or a crime,
Like a friend’s life snuffed out far before his time.
And after the sorrow’s cold tide has ebbed,
You then add the rage and it spins subtle threads
Through your mind, and you can’t hardly breathe anymore.
Your hands turn to fists and your blurred eyes implore
Why him! Ahead, he had years of his life;
A beautiful daughter, a sweet, loving wife.

Now we come to the point where the mixture is ready,
You lean on the wall, your legs slightly unsteady
As guilt worms its way through your mist-shrouded soul.
The spark leaves your eyes, they’re left empty and cold.
And you stand there, eyeing the gun on the table.
If you had the chance, then would you be able
To kill those who took him away from this world.
Now your jaw clenched hard and your stiff fingers curl
In the wrinkled white sleeves, but you make not a sound
As the first tears tremble and slide to the ground.
Then you take a deep breath, pull your gloves on your hands.
You walk out the door, you will do what you can
To bring hope to the wife and the daughter who cried
When her father was buried in front of her eyes.
But we will pause here, and now you will see
The lies that have formed, unconscious, but key.

For while you still claim you do this for another,
It’s truly to lift all the pain that has smothered
Your voice in your throat. rendered silent by loss,
An incomplete circle. no matter the cost
You will find a way out of this whirlwind of shame,
That to hearts torn by tears and by rage has laid claim.
So you search not for justice nor some sense of right,
But the peace that without you can’t sleep through the night.

This is revenge.

So you see now that when we watch through ‘til the end,
It is nothing so noble as we like to pretend.
For the product is nothing but hate and drawn blood.
It’s torn down great cities, old bricks in the mud
Are all that is left to make others aware
That while life is precious, it’s never been fair.

This is revenge.


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