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Question! Wow this is a long explanation, please don't kill me.

TO make a point out BEFORE reading ahead, this topic GENERALLY ON EdWin Pairing, NOTHING else. Not Roy/Ed or Ed/Al, thank you.

Urgh, forgot to CUT it. Here, SPOILER ALERTS, do not READ if you haven't read or seen all anime on FMA.

-Read the rules over and says nothing about it- Ok so I though I would discuss this with you guys, just like I posted this on EdWin community because I am always welcome to hear everyone thoughts when it comes to subject such as these. To get to the bottom of the point, I wanted to ask you guys a few if not 2 questions regarding EdWin relationship in the anime (I will also place reference from the manga to compair both of them). Now I know, this won't be some boring long explanation about what I think about them I am asking you guys for your opinions because I am curious.

Now I know in the manga those two are more of a cannon than anything else (At least in Winry POV since she was the one that just admit it she loved him for a long time now) But you can tell Ed cares for her and hints that self "Protective" Character. We see he protects her, even if it means his own life (Chapter 47) and doesn't pushes her off, tells her things his anime self would never had the gust to do. In basic words, Ed shows a more caring character in the manga than his own anime self (I am repeating myself, I always do that...) But then again, Manga Ed is a bit more mature than his anime self, he is more open to possibilies because he sees things in a different point of view. (Sounds so corny to say that) But is not just Ed too, a lot of characters are different in the manga, but I won't get into detail on that.

Now this is where the quesiton begins, we known for a fact Manga Ed sees Winry as more than just "someone left behind" like his anime self protrails her to be. We must admit that the only time Edward ever does show Winry next to him when she is fixing his automail. He doesn't tell her anything, he doesn't like it when she asks him to take her with him to Rush valley (I mean, what she travels alone? Is not like you were on a HUGE dangerious mission anyway) Sure Winry was a bit annoying in the anime, I agree, but then again that's what makes her unique. You can't expect a character to be perfect in every way possible (Coughs, Riza, Coughs) Winry is in a stage of developing, she has yet to see the BIG picture but as the anime goes by, she does. The same goes with Edward, he is still and did remain a child in heart even after all those years in traveling.

I guess the creator (Miss Arakawa) dedicate more time developing Ed story more in the manga, but is trying to make up for whatever the anime left in the movie (I presume, I am not sure) So now that I got this written down and out of my system this is the question!

Does Ed ever SHOW any HINTS of (How to put it) SELF "Protective" attitude during the anime AT ALL?

This is longer than I though....
I am getting good at writing this sort of stuff, yay Mary!
I just hope, I did make sense, PLEASE tell me I did make sense...

So if all do respect, please share your thoughts, (I know is an anime but I can't HELP but wonder and analyse things because I enjoy writing my fanfiction the most proper way as a possible) This is just a discussion, no hating, flaming or criticize (spelling) allow unless supported by a strong background.


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