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I come bearing icons!

Hi again! This time I come not bearing fanfictions, but icons! =D

11 Icons Total
[4] Roy
[2] Riza
[2] Hughes
[1] Ed
[1] Alphonse


1. Image hosted by
2. Image hosted by
3.Image hosted by
5. Image hosted by
6. Image hosted by
8. Image hosted by
9. Image hosted by
10. Image hosted by
11.Image hosted by

1. Lyrics from "Echo" by Trapt
2. Lyrics from "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes
3. Lyrics from "Be My Escape" by Relient K
4. ...don't ask why in my right mind I made this know where the lyrics are from...
5.Lyrics from "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand
9. Lyrics from "Understanding" by Evanescence
11. Lyrics from "Enigma" by Trapt

Spread the FMA love! They're all up for grabs! Please credit me if you can and don't go around saying you made them because you didn't and you know it ;)


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