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With hime1999's recasted!series, I never get any fanfic!bunnies; no, the ones I'm attacked with are all cosplay!bunnies. ^_^* So after hime posted this pic, I just had to make Pride's dress clothes. ^_^

And, thus, the results: link to more Pride!Ed pics (more pics via link)

Next time I hope to also have purple contact lenses. X3

The pics won't have any spoilers or anything for the series, since it's more of an AU thing. =) Although, I was rather amused when a few people thought I had spoiled the ending of the series for them by wearing this costume (that's been straightened out now). ^____^

Photos credited to viewpoints, lelola, and stray_wind.

This was worn to the second annual Cosplay Picnic held at Toronto's Centre Island. I think one of my favourite moments of the day was the Japanese tourists that recognized our group to be cosplayers. XDD

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