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Okay, I'm new and I have a few questions about Full Metal Alchemist...or Fullmetal Alchemist. That's the first question, is it Full Metal Alchemist or Fullmetal Alchemist? I've seen it spelled both ways, is there an official spelling. And the rest of my questions are under the cut because while I don't think they'll spoil anything...they could.  

So, I just started watching FMA about two months ago. I've watched the only the one they show on Adult swim. And I just got the DVDs. Second question, Are there only three DVDs out now? Or are anymore out? Third question: I've heard the whole thing about the movie, I know, or rather have heard, its coming out in Japan this summer, when will do you think we(as in Americans) could manage to see it. Fourth: Okay, I've read fanfiction before and I started to read FMA fanfiction[and I've already got a favorite pairing RoyxEd :-) ] And well, I've noticed, Al will call Ed "Nii-san" There's been other spellings, too. And other characters are called other things, my question is, well why? Do the names mean something? And I feel so weird asking these things. That's all my questions. Not really any spoilers at all. But someone could think they are. I don't know...


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