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Artbook News

Just a word to FMA fans who happen to be in Singapore:

Kinokunya has finally brought in the FMA artbooks at S$36.70 each. That's pretty cheap, when they normally sell imported artbooks for over S$50 to S$80++.

So grab your wallets and take a mad dash over to Kino's right now! FMA's pretty hot over here too, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were sold out already like the Official Fanbook. (I bought the fanbook on Tuesday a few weeks ago and they're completely sold out the next week. Wow. O___O) Your best bet would be the Kino's downtown, at Takashimaya, since they happen to update their stock most often.

As for me, I shall just be crouched here in a corner sparkling madly at the artbook the Insane Relative somehow managed to get for me. ^____^ It has art from 2001 all the way to 2003, and the last section is character art from the FMA PS2 game. Nothing funny on the inside flap cover though, which was a bit of a surprise since there has always been something there for the manga.

ART! COLOR! PRETTY PICTURES! ARTIST COMMENTS! ("I forgot to draw in the white part of Al's eyes.") BLACK HAYATE-GOU ON ROY'S HEAD! SAD ED IN SNOW! (I jest. It's actually normal!Ed in snow with Al behind him holding a miniature snowman with the military people in scarfs as a background. But I'm serious about the puppy on Roy's head.)

Definitely, definitely worth buying, especially at the current price.

Oh, and for those who visit Kare-Kano at Sunshine Plaza? I think they're bringing in new FMA stock next week, although I'm not exactly sure when.

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