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Soooo.... as promised, .

Scar is unhappy.
Greed embraces freedom.
Greed's kinda creepy, actually.
More Greed! Because ruek-san asked.
Al shields Scar, because Al's like that.
The suit of armor just cracked me up.
Ed too, apparently.
Ed is unhappy.
Kimbree! ::is happy to see him return::
Lust startled = bad badness.
::is *not* happy to see him return::
Ed isn't either, heh.
Although this shot is just somehow cute.
Scar's brother... is very... very... crazy.
Can he really be called Scar before he has the scar?
He needs hugs, whatever you call him.
Brain! Stop thinking bad Scar/Al thoughts, please!
Tucker... I don't know why I took this cap...
Ed is not a normal alchemist, which is why we love him.

......eheh. I notice that my links are getting less and less descriptive of the actual picture.... gomen ne. ^_^;;

Enjoy! The usual standard: free to take for icons or layouts.

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