Reg (x_reggg) wrote in fm_alchemist,

scans =)

i just saw this in an anime magazine and thought i would scan it ^_^

i know the scans are kinda small, but then the original size is really big o_O

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

i'll be typing up a translation after going to my lessons but it's overall saying that Al has some sort of power to put a bit of his soul into armours, and control them o_O

if anyone wants the original scans, say so in the comments but i'm saying beforehand that each pic is about 2MB ^_^;;

link to larger scans:

i'll just translate the bit in the bottom left of the first pic. if anyone wants translations of everything, just tell me and i'll try my best ^_^

A big earthquake has happened!
What has happened to the Alchemist world?

Because of the invasion of the military and the large transmutation by Scar, Lior has become a tarnished place. In order to reinstate this place, Alex Louis Armstrong decided to retire from the army and work as a businessman.

One day, an earthquake suddenly happened in Lior, a strange transmutation circle appeared in the center of the city and a lot of armours swirled in the air! These armours destroyed everything wherever they came across, making the people run away frantically. In the midst of the danger a strong tornado appeared, swirling all the armours into mid air! This tornado was transmutated by a boy wearing a long red coat, Alphonse Elric! Al, who is 13 years old, has already become a excellent Alchemist, he can even put a part of his "soul" into an armour and control it, showing an amazing power.

On the other side, Central city also was hit by a strong earthquake, causing lots of buildings to fall and the ground was severly cracked, making the whole city suffer great damage. Roy and Riza who were working in central started to investigate, and found a large underground city! Is the earthquake that happened in Lior and Central just a coincidence or do they have any relationship? Where did the mysterious armour come from? What dangers will the Alchemist world face?

[edit again]
the white box thingy in the top right corner of the first picture:
People in the Alchemist world (left to right)
Armour: An armour that Ed sees, it's the same model/type as the one Al's soul used to be in, it could be said as a strange "reunion".
Warth: Disappeared after having automail equipped on him, wonder how will he appear again?
Roze: Lived in Rizenbul for some time, she is now going back to Lior to help with the recovering.
Winry: After she's grown up, she become more mature and has returned from training in Rush Valley. Her skill/technique must have become much better.

under the 3rd trailer pictures:
Crossing world
To get the gate towards Shambala, Ed heads towards the mysterious oraganization, Thule Society. What aim does the Thule Society have? What is ther relationship between this and what is happening in the Alchemist world?

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