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Movie question confusemeeent

I am confused on how old the characters are. o_o I'm assuming the years are the same from the Alchemic World to ours, right? 1916 = 1916? The series ended 1916 and Al was 10, then randomly went to 1921 where Ed was there. So he's been there for five years? Or is time all weird.

Then the movie's supposed to be in 1923? I think? Two years from the end of the series. Ed was born in 1899, Al in 1900 (according to this timeline in newtype), and Al lost 4/5 years. So wouldn't that make Ed like.. 23/24? o_o;;; And Al like, 19? But wait that's too old. @__@;; And then again the latest interview said like "Two years have passed since Ed entered the 'Real World'..."

Help meee I'm confused sorry if this is stupid. Is it just the years are all weird from world to world?


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