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Rough translation I whipped up in half an hour for http://www.itmedia.co.jp/games/articles/0506/30/news036.html
Kudos to light_hohenheim for the link.

I've translated all of the text, but it's been a while since I practiced Japanese so there might be some errors/parts left out. Feel free to correct me.

I'm also not sure if Noboru-san's last name is Kaiten or not... :shrugs: I think it is... XD

Parantheses are my thoughts. :P

'Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambara' is about to be released! We've interviewed the playwriter, Kaiten Noboru.

There's only a month left until the release of 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambara'. The television anime series that ended last year was extremely popular, and the movie, which is a sequel to it, is also attracting equal interest. We've asked a few questions to Kaiten Noboru, who wrote the scripts for both the anime and the movie.

Ed, who got sent to the 'Real World' where we are living in the last episode of the anime. He arrives at Munchen of 1923. Ed, who cannot use alchemy anymore, searches for a way to get back to his world in many different ways. Also, he meets a young man named Alphonse Heiderich, who bears a striking resemblance to Al. With his help, Ed strives to get back to his home using the power of rocket technology. However, there are no promising results, and he becomes restless. Before the despairing Ed appears an unexpected path: those who seek the fabled 'Shambara'.

First caption: Ed, researching ways to return to the 'World of Alchemy'. But he finds no good results, and he's spending his days in despair.

Second caption: On the other hand, Al is learning alchemy again, from the start. He's searching for a way to meet his brother again.

Question 1: When did you start making the movie?
Kaiten: We were tossing around the idea of a movie around the end of Series 1 (Melissa/Kesenai Tsumi). But we actually started making it around the end of the animation. 9 months have passed since the end of the anime and the movie, so you might feel that it's a very long time, but to us, we felt very short on time.

Question 2: Why did you think of continuing the anime in the movie? (as opposed to taking a path like the Naruto movies)
Kaiten: We had no plans for making episodes that took place during the anime timeline. The TV series was so 'complete' that we didn't want to make any new episodes for Ed. So in some sense, the thought of making a continuation is natural.

Question 3: What situations will Al and Ed be in in the movie?
Kaiten: Two years have passed since Ed entered the 'Real World'. In that time he's been searching for ways to return home, but every way ends in a dead end, and he's starting to give up. On the other hand, Al has learned alchemy again, and he's become a better alchemist than Ed was. (This boggles me mind.)

Al, who firmly believes that his brother is alive somewhere, is searching for ways to meet Ed again. In that sense, the two people's emotions are different(?!). An event occurs in Ed's world (the Real World) and the story starts to move quickly after that.

Question 4: What was your objective in making the movie?
Kaiten: My objective in this movie was to make not a simple 'continuation of the TV anime series', but a 'stand alone movie that can be enjoyed as just a movie'. In that sense, not all of the popular characters in the anime will have important roles(nuuuu); I mostly focused on two people: Ed and Al. This story of two brothers striving to meet again is, in my opinion, enjoyable even if you haven't watched the anime.

But, for the fans of the anime, we've prepared memorable scenes for popular characters such as Roy. Making a work that both fans and first-timers will like is hard, but I think it's going to be alright.

Third caption: We can expect the appearance of popular characters such as Roy, Riza and Armstrong. See how they've changed in the two years since we last saw them!

Question 5: There are some characters in the 'Real World' who look just like certain people in the 'World of Alchemy'...?
Kaiten: We're emphasizing the point that these two worlds are in fact parallel worlds by having similar characters. In Munchen there's a man who looks just like a grown-up Al, and also someone who looks like Hughes, who is undoubtedly dead. We want to express how even knowing that Munchen is part of a parallel world, seeing his grown up little brother and a dead man makes Ed think, "This place is not the real world".

Fourth caption: The 'Real World' features people who closely resemble those we know... One of them is someone who looks like Hughes!

Question 6: What was the hardest part of making this movie?
Kaiten: What we tried to preserve the most was 1923 Munchen and the people living in it. We wanted to portray it not from our present point of view, but from the point of view of the people of that time. So, I looked through all the DVDs from that time that I had at home, and portrayed it as closely as possible to the views of that time.

Question 7: Finally, a message to the eagerly waiting fans.
Kaiten: Movies are unlike games that you can enjoy for days, or artifacts that have profound impacts. But, if you think about the time required to get ready, leave, and see the movie, almost half a day goes by. However, I believe that movies are a form of entertainment completely worthy of the effort that goes into viewing them. I believe that 'Fullmetal Alchemist : Conqueror of Shambara' is just right in that sense (as a movie). I hope you view it at a theater.

Dunno about you, but I'm dying to see it. :laughs:

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