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What if...

First Entry Post into the community w00t! Yea so anyway. I was really bored earlier today a created a large list of what ifs. WARNING! Some questions contain spoilers.

"What if Ed married Winry?"
"What if Al married Winry?"
"What if Ed married Roy?" (>_> Shame on you RoyEd fan freaks!)
"What if Roy married Riza?"
"What if Riza never accepts Roy's offer?".
"What if Ed and Al were adopted by Roy?"
"What if Greed lived?"
"What if Pinako dies?"
"What if both Ed and Al were on the same side of the gate?"
"What if Izumi and Wrath made up?"
"What if Lust lived?"
"What if Greed and Lust started working together?"
"What if Riza fell in love with Barry?"
"What if Winry was adopted by Riza or Roy?"
"What if Hughes was never killed?"
"What if Hughes started shoving pictures of Elysia to Envy?"
"What if Scar and Lust fell in love and married?"
"What if Wrath never existed?"
"What if Envy, Ed and Al started to get along and act like brothers?"
"What if the Alters went to the Alchemy side?"
"What if Ed didn't have to kill some of the Sins? (Namely Sloth and Greed)"
"What if Hughes and Greed were actually brothers?! (They look almost alike enough to be siblings)"
"What if the Sins went against Dante?"
"What if Envy does kill Hoho-papa?"
"What if the other nations are put into the anime? (Areugo, Drachma, Creata, Xing)"
"What if the anime was longer?"
"What if Havoc falls in love with Scheska?"
"What if Winry suddenly hated Ed and Al?"
"What if Ed liked milk?"
"What if Pisiren fell in love with Havoc?"
"What if Fuery fell in love with Scheska?"
"What if Hayate pee on Roy?" (XD couldn't resist)
"What if Envy was a plam tree?"
"What if the Fuhrer and Scar fought?"
"What if Hughes fought against Roy?"
"What if Gluttony was more cute and cuddly?"
"What if Rose married Ed?"
"What if Denny and Ross married?"
"What if Nina lived?"
"What if the State Alchemist went against the Homunculus?"
"What if Winry and Izumi join forces?"
"What if Russell falls in love with Winry?"
"What if Vash and Ed met?"
"What if The FMA characters went to Disney? 8D"
"What if the FMA characters were real?"
"What if Al's soul was stuck in a life-size female doll instead of an armor?"

It's also in my LJ. azuraveedragon

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