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bordom = interesting things

let it first be said that when I get very bored, odd things sometimes tend to happen........

though most of these were already like they were for some time, I just got around to doing photos of em and posting them on here ;)

but here's some more stuff from the guy that brought you 'Ed's Tentacle Alchemy' ;P

Image hosted by

Damn....Envy must be having mixed feelings over that..

Image hosted by

Man, Scar's getting a bit lucky......

Image hosted by

Roy: "Hello, Lieutenant. How are you doing today? Nice two gun salutes.... Mind if I handle them?"

Riza: "...."

Image hosted by

No wonder Winly has such a dazed, far off look on her face....

Image hosted by

heheh, always thought Hughes was a bit of an ass-kisser. well, that or is tossing some salads while Vivi gets to have his head inbetween breasts.....

Image hosted by

only Ed could have his hand inbetween a woman's legs with his brother's head looking up and watching the action and yet still be pissed.....

Image hosted by

well, think we figured out why Ed was pissed. He found out that Roy really was a cripple pedophile. Doing that to poor, defenseless little crippled girls while being with their maid as well......

Image hosted by

or Ed could be pissed at finding out what Winly really uses his spare arm for.....


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