Jevana (jeva_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fic Idea in Fic Form! :D!

Heh...idea that came about from listening to Boy Friends and Renai Sankoushou ~Love Reference Book~ (which my friends and I call Ba Shoo Wa, thanks to hagane_bean XD). Don't ask me how it was they inspired me...they just did. O_o;; Happens all the time where stories are inspired by those kinds of things. XDD

Let it be noted that I have only a slight idea what to do with this story line...but if you have an idea, let me hear it. ^_^'

Anyway, here's the fic, enjoy!

Title: Once Broken Faith
Author: jeva_chan
Size: 2,057 words
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Only those who don't know Hohopapa...
Summary: AU. The bond of brotherhood is torn by one of the Elric brothers leaving with their mysterious father to attempt to learn the secrets of alchemy to help save their mother...

( That boy...they shouldn't have left him without his brother... )

"Trust not him that hath once broken faith."
-William Shakespeare
King Henry the Sixth, Part III

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