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I am going through episodes 40-51. I want to rant about them. I'm posting my first rant up, just to see if anyone's interested in reading them once I'm done. Here's the first one.

Episode 40: Oh shit. This is where it all falls down.

The Martel action was nice. She doesn’t get enough love. I liked how Ed had the brown wig and his confrontation with Scar. I thought they made that very smooth. I was surprised to find out that Kimberly was the one who gave Scar his scar. That was interesting. And the whole bond between Scar and his brother was good too. And they both loved ‘Pre-Lust’. Who would’ve thought? But Scar crying really got me (I’m ultra-sensitive, so anything sad and I’m like ;__; OMG.) I mean, C’mon. It’s SCAR. And then Rose and Dante showed up. Rose, I’m all like, “OMG STAB DIE.” And seeing Dante made me twitch. Especially the fact she’s in Lyra body and that always reminds me of my girlfriend (Her name’s Nyla) so yeah. Dante + Lyra + Girlfriend= -DEATHTWITCH-. But anyway…. The royal bitch came in. I grinned when Ed was talking about how Dante created Greed. I was all like, “And Envy. AND ENVY EDO!!” (I’m a rabid Envy fangirl. ^__^;;) Then Rose annoyed me more with the whole, “I’m a Holy Mother with a baby and I can’t talk!” Thing. Yup.

And then the ending. When Martel attacked the Furher. I yelled, “NO MARTEL! DON’T ATTACK PRIDE!” But she did. –cries- But when she took off his eyepatch! (Randomly: It all makes sense. Alter!Roy somehow remembers in his sub-concious mind the ‘other’ him wanted to be Furher, and all he can remember is that the Furher wears an eyepatch…. OMG! It’s all clear!) I seriously was like, “HOSHIT!! IT’S THE HOMUNCULUS SIGN!!” (My mind is to out of it to even remember it’s the Uberous…. Or whatever. O_o;;) And then she ran into Al.

AND HE STABBED HER. >.<;; DAMN YOU BRADLEY!! And I flipped out for a whole two seconds ‘cause I was like “O_O!! OHMYGOD!! HE HIT AL’S BLOODSEAL!” But he didn’t. Thank God. But the look on Al’s face when he fell to his knees…. It was horrible (Nevermind that I was thinking, “WOW! Al got his first period! >.<) And I want to cry. And now on to episode 41.

(On a final note, I think it’s horrible that Roy has to suffer so badly under FUCKING ARCHER. God, I hate that bastard. The whole, “If you have any complaints about the Elrics, you can write them out.” Thing to Kimberly was awesome though. Go Roy. <3 Last thing…. Are Ed and Al ever going to find out about Hughes? –cries-)
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