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Ficlet: Musings of the Soul

I've been getting bunnies around two in the morning. Then this popped into my head. Before I knew it, I was writing this and the couple changed XD

Title: Musings of the Soul
Author: terrierlee
Length: 204 words
Pairing: BarryRiza/Barry?
Rating: PG-13

When I first saw Missy, I thought, Fresh meat to chop! But after she shot me with that gun, it felt like Cupid had hit my armored body with his arrow.

It was new. She wasn't afraid of me. Not like the others. The others ran in fear and made me excited that I had to catch my prey. But Missy. Missy made me excited in a different way. It was weird. It was like the first time I chopped a human. My wife.* But more... strange, per se.

Missy had her gun pointed at me with her other hand reaching for her other gun. I lowered my knife. I couldn't hurt Missy! Why, she even looked cute with her hair down!

As I look back, I'm glad I attacked Missy. If I hadn't, then I would of never been stuck in the room with "Meat-that-is-too-tough-to-chop-Chief." The chief taught me chess. And after getting stormed in by that smoker dude, chief was much more careful about the sounds we made while playing chess.**

Those times spent with chief were splendid, and I never wished for them to end. Why, I remember when we played ten games of chess in a row.

I never won.

*This is from my first Barry fic, In the Mind of a Serial Killer. It was when Barry first chopped up his wife.

**This was from the story by Samaside. Havoc thought Barry and Farman were doing something indecent behind closed doors.

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