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FMA RPG anyone? XD

I did this a while ago and I thought I might share. Somebody was thinking about transmuting FMA with D&D and I wanted to help. So behold the Human Transmutation Failure Chart. Very useful for Mary-Sues and Gary-Stues.

Roll (d100):

01-05 a vital organ (heart, brain - anything you can't live without)

06 the alchemist's head (Goodbye)

07-37 a limb (your choice which one)

38-43 internal organs (you can still live without them; think Izumi.)

44-48 Skin (the outer cover. It’s up to the DM to decide if the alchemist can live through such an experience)

49-69 mind (the Alchemist's body is intact, but s/he goes mad)

70-75 blood (a very quick transfusion might help)

76-81 bones (note: when the alchemist used a corpse for the HT, there's 50% chance, that the corpse's and his/her bones replace each other)

82-90 one sense (eyesight, hearing or the ability of speaking)

91-93 genitals (note: this is only for male alchemists. Females should ignore this and roll again)

94-99 a two-thing combo (roll 2xd6. 1-2: a limb; 3-4: a sense; 5-6: a not indispensable internal organ)

100 The whole body (Game over, unless you have a capable brother and a suit of armor in the near.)


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