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Adult Swim Image Thief - The Argument

I know you don't all have [AS] message board accounts. But thankfully the one I've had since 6-2003 is finally getting a workout. Oh, I'm Hikari if you wanted to know.

I'll start where vicemage left off.

JusticeEvangelion: "Do it, girlfriend!"

hagane_no_chibichan: The original artists have been alerted to your dishonest actions. Enjoy.

JusticeEvangelion: Hahaha........................... Just bring it

hagane_no_chibichan: You missed it there. I've already done all I need to do. From here on out, I sit back and enjoy the show.

arex-kun: Um, hey. A few of my friends made those graphics. Just so everyone knows, they're all from that site. He's just stealing them and claiming them for his own. Everyone, just go to the site, and thank the original creators. 8D

Drizzle513: I happen to have some of my stuff on that site. Not any thing spamed here thankfully. And really only one on my works has been ripped off. (Mind you It seems to be geting re-posted a lot lately. )

So I'l just direct everyone that loves this sort of thing to the FMA Photoshop War at:

TerrierLee: ZOMG! The photoedit war! I remember that! Good times :3
And yeah man, taking other people's stuff and claiming it your own is pretty stupid. :3

Hikari: It is a sad sad day. Please, if you want to share things, just credit and everyone will be happy. You don't have to claim them as your own, just cause you want misplaced praise. And if you don't know who made them, then at least link the source page where it's from.

It seems things like these happen a lot. Most thanks to all those image searches, they're not all that great sometimes.

News travels fast.

JusticeEvangelion: So I was figured out. Seriously. Type in shounen ai, and go to page 7, using google.

TerrierLee: This reminds me when a very known fan artist's pictures were used to make a calendar. She was never credited. Our whole community got pissed at the person who made the calender.

... Why would Arakawa-san put Roy in a kilt anyway?

gundamnook: Hahaha... I remember when that happened! Poor Hime!

Hikari: People taking fan art and other works then making layouts, wallpapers, icons, whatever and not crediting or even asking if they could take them has happened a lot and most likely continue to happen. I guess that's what you risk as an artist by posting your things on the internet.

Even as big as the internet seems to be, things always come around 160 and people find out and people get pissed. Then it's usually resolved one way or another.

JusticeEvangelion: Bravo! you feel smart. Anyways it was the people who replied here, that assumed I created them

Hikari: That may be true, but you did not take the incentive to correct their assumption.

JusticeEvangelion: *sigh*
Funny images like those are funnier, when you see them one at a time. if I show them the site, they would have saw them all at once. So I was going to show the funny images, and then link the site. ......

Hikari: If that was your plan, why didn't you just do that from the start with your first post? Because of that, I really doubt you would have given any credit or even thought about posting the link to the site.

Because there is no link to the site, until these last couple post, by someone else.

JusticeEvangelion: I always give out credit. But believe what you wanna believe. Because that one guy ruined my plan, you are all in denial. i really don't care though.

hagane_no_chibichan: You're just being a big baby now, because people now know that you did NOT do those pictures, like you were leading them to believe. Shut up. You weren't "planning to link to the site," that's a load of bullcrap. You wanted people to think you were making amusing photoshop edits, and were going to keep going until you got bored, people lost interest, or someone called you on it.

JusticeEvangelion: I always give out credit. but believe what you wanna believe. You people assumed I made them, so whatever. they are just pictures. i could easily make them, with Microsoft paint. *shrugs*

Celestial_Abyss: yes, i agree with those above me... and this is really crap... i know what it feels like to have stuff stolen from you and that person claiming it as theirs.. it is NOT fun at all... though i did not make any of these photoedits many have been made by those in the fm_alchemist lj community

second of all don't go trying place the blame on the unsuspecting people... they were mislead by you and the fact that you did not correct them or at least TELL THEM THAT THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THEM ARE RIGHT ON THE LINKS AND THE NAME OF THE PHOTOEDITS is wrong and implies credit....

don't EVER claim something as your own or mislead anyone because in the end you're not going to be the one with all the triumph and praise... and it's NOT a light matter either so stop trying to treat it so

JusticeEvangelion: *sigh* Seriously give it up.

Hikari: You always give out credit?

I think you need to look at what you wrote earlier to hagane_no_chibichan.

You are jealous of my greatness

I don't think you had any plan to link that site. At least not untill it didn't matter anymore and this thread was dead.

The thing that was the problem wasn't that you were posting the pictures, it was that after they were posted and the other members of this board assumed you had created them and you did nothing to correct them or even just say anything like:

"I didn't make them. I'm planing on posting up the link to the site where I found them soon. I just want to show you some really funny ones first."

Or something like that. That's the whole point to all of this. You just needed to do something to prove you were not taking credit for others work. It's not like you can't still post up more links to pictures. Not everyone is going to want to click through all those pages of images and having someone pick out the funniest ones is a good idea. Just post the link to the site or a little comment of who the creator is under the image link.

I don't know what any of us would be in denial of. Of you not creating these images? Certainly not. That you weren't going to give credit? Well by the previous posts and comments, it didn't seem like you were planing on saying anything reguarding the real creators.

But I think I've gotten my point across. I don't think the creators would care all that much if you post their works, but you must credit them. That's all.

JusticeEvangelion: I was. You are assmuing something you have no proof of. i rarely post here, if you see my other posts, I DO give out credit to others.

hagane_no_chibichan: Bull**bleep**. You never gave credit to any of these artists, and it's clear from the tone of your posts, you weren't planning to give it out, either.

Congratulations, though. With this thread, and your weak arguments in it, you managed to destroy any credibility you might have in the future. Nicely done.

JusticeEvangelion: Judge everything on a thread eh?

Celestial_Abyss: seriously now... if you have this said track record for giving credit then prove it... because this little thing you did here does NOT prove that to be true at all because if you were to credit you would have post the link somewhere or anywhere at the least... and stop being so sneaky and sly about things


These aren't art, but I gave out credit to the sites they are from

Hikari: Other posts? Your other post have nothing to do with THIS post. If what you just said is true, then you would have had no problem just putting a little disclaimer when people started to think you made them, that you didn't.

What bugs me the most is that you didn't do anything when they asked, "Did you make these?". That's one thing that led to all of this, that just let them think you made them and enjoyed the praise.

And I wasn't assumeing I was taking in all the facts and making a inductive decision. So yeah, I did have proof, this whole thread.

JusticeEvangelion: Then i have no proof. But you have no proof that i was not going to link the site. Can you jump in my head and read my mind? Once again i don't have any proof.

Hikari: Well for one just looking at this one post says alot:

You say you're working on more. So it's fairly obvious you weren't going to then say "Oh, well all the pictures I've posted so far are all from this site by these different artists. Yeah I didn't make them, like I said i did. Opps."

Yeah, that wouldn't have sounded too good.

JusticeEvangelion: Cool........ I actually do make pics. Like that

Celestial_Abyss: instead of trying to defend yourself with these useless phrases maybe try something new for a change....

now that your furtive machinations have been found out not one time through this conversation have you given credit or made an apology... now how many messages has it gotten to now... 100 something and YET no appology at the least... for a change give up this stuck up attitude you have... because this is uncalled for... you keep backing yourself up and not once did you do ANYTHING regarding this post and how you can just end it by a simple apology to the people here you mislead and those you took credit from

i don't give a crap if you made pictures like that or you've given credit before... you DIDN'T THIS TIME AND THAT'S WHAT MATTERS AT THIS MOMENT... all i'm asking is to end this bickering because it seriously needs to be ended and an appology would be nice

JusticeEvangelion: Nope I wont apologize. ^_^


svchan wrote:
I am the owner of the website from which all of these images are from ( and I must say that I am very disappointed (to put very lightly) in how you've presented these edits. I have taken a lot of time to ask the people who originally made them for permission to add them to the Fullmetal Alchemist Photoshop War Archieve, name the images accordingly, add them, and then link back to a site of the person's choosing.

You, on the other hand, had simply linked them to the images without even a mention that you found it somewhere, not to mention, giving the credit to the person who had made them(though I am thankful you are not rude enough to link directly.). It is one thing to share a funny image but it is another to do that AND bask in false glory from people assuming you've made the images and not correct them otherwise.

It is true that we cannot prove that you would have linked to my site, but it is also true that you cannot prove to us that you would have done that at all. Perhaps it would be funnier to see images "one at a time", but that is really no reason not to even give the person's name.

Ah. If you are the image maker, than i apologize. Ignore the post above. Because you have came here, I apologiz once again. I didn't know it was going to get like this, and I feel bad. I was going to post your site, just I wasn't going to do it, until there were no more pictures. and I totally agree with what you say. Sorry for the inconvenience. And thank you for being mature about it.

Silent_Edge: Have you tried watermarking them on the corner, like the bottom left or right? That's always a good place to put it.

svchan: I am the organizer though quite a few of them on the site are of my creation. I really wish you would have done this before. It would have saved a lot of trouble on your and everyone else's part. There are a lot of pictures on that site; over a hundred, if I remember correctly (with more to come); all of which are made by many different people. And yes, I remember every single one of them. Please don't just assume that it's easy to do a good and funny edit or that they're all the same like some of your posts here have led me to believe that that is your thinking though it might not be. All I'm asking is that you be careful about making sure that these are credited since it is easy to find out who did them since I put it next to each picture on the site.

Thank you.

svchan: I never expected these things to be lifted from my site and it is a bit of a hassle but I might have to do that. But I really wish I don't have to; it kind of takes away from the fun.

JusticeEvangelion: I will delete all the images from my photobucket. To show my sincere apologies. And you are right
, I've wasted everyone's time doing this. Next time i'll give out credit, from the very beginning.

that's it. hopefully that is the end with that letter from svchan.
I just added the last 2 posts by svchan. Seems like the end. I hope.

EDIT/ looks like it's done with his last post. /EDIT

if there is anymore I'll post it.
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