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Adult Swim Image Thief.

Found this over at the [adult swim] message boards... there's this little twat, JusticeEvangelion, who's been posting various FMA photoshop edits, and claiming them as his own. Now, I know that he's not doing them himself, for one because I've seen them before, and for two, because the original creators names are in the filenames of his files. But he's claiming they're his, and when I pointed out that he is NOT the creator, he challenged me to prove it:

Me: "He's just googling, he made the first, maybe, but all the others are the works of other people, that he's posting here."
Him: "You are jealous of my greatness"
Me: "Wrong. I know the original sources of most of those pictures. I can easily go tell the creators what you're doing here. I somehow don't think they'd be appreciative."
Him: "Do it, girlfriend!"

So, I decided to take him up on his offer. ^^ Feel free to go over there and offer him your "thanks." For those of you who have [as] registrations, the thread is located here.

Super Saiyan Roy
All New 2005 Roy Mustang
pastede on yey!
Ed x Roy
Samus Hughes
Ed x Kimbley
Which is the shrimp?
The Alchemist of Oz
Who's as short as a hobbit?

I see no problem with posting links to other people's art, but taking credit for it is an entirely different matter. Anyone who wants to--and especially creators--feel free to let him know what you think of people who take credit for others' work.

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