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The Dangers of Human Transmutation

Title: The Dangers of Human Transmutation
Rated: Q
Summary: The dangers of human transmutation

“I don’t think you should, brother…” Alphonse shifted from foot to foot in worry. It was bad. Forbidden alchemy. Human transmutation.

“Don’t worry!” was Ed’s reply. “I got it figured out. I can pull it off no problem.”

“But what if something goes wrong?”

Ed frowned. This was ridiculous. “Unless you want me to transmute you into a pair of toenail clippers, I don’t know how else to do it.” He wiggled his bare toes, tipped with nails so long, they were bordering on obscene.

He clapped, alchemy sparks flying as he placed his hands over his feet.

Edward Elric was never the same again, having lost his nose to the transmutation. Somewhere, ten little toenail homunculi were causing mass destruction.

The End

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