Dragon Scholar (dragonscholar) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Dragon Scholar

Sad, but interesting, speculation

acexkeikai and I were discussing what a Hollywood-made FMA movie would be like. I'm sure, of course, it would suck like a vaccum cleaner, but I speculated on just HOW FMA would be mutilated in the big studios. Here's my thoughts, I'd like to hear everyone elses.

And be bitter. ;)

  • Ed would have matrix-dodge kung-fu for no good reason.
  • Al would get a streamlined, more badass look, and probably have extra tools and attachments. The Swiss Army Brother.
  • They would SOMEHOW manage a car chase.
  • They'd call it the Alchemist's Stone. The wusses.
  • There would be at least one big-star inappropriate piece of casting.
  • Armstrong would not sparkle. The bastards. And he'd probably be played only for laughs.
  • Ed, Al, and Winry would be older.
  • The Sins would probably know each other from the start and be more of a gang.
  • Gluttony would be played for laughs OR he'd become some ravening horror without his pseudo-cuddly look.

Any more thoughts?

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