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Random FMA List

The following is x-posted and fake cut to my LJ as my f-list seemed to enjoy it and I figured everyone likes having their day brightened a bit. ^_^

Lately, I've been thinking about the FMA fandom a lot. I was thinking about all the wankery, bitching, overly-opinionated-and-proud-to-scream-it-in-your-face types, trolls, scary people, and overall angsty tone of it all.

...So I decided to be different. To do a post about all the WONDERFUL things in the FMA (LJ specifically) fandom. Because as fun as bitching and wanking is (God knows I've done enough)... it's best to step back ever so often and be thankful for what you have.

Thus I present: Things I love about the FMA (LJ) fandom!

( Look Ma, a cheerful post about the fandom. OMG! )

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