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I am not responsible for any mental scarring caused by this fic...

The idea for a fic along these lines came to me in a dream, only that one involved the Fuhrer... by the time I had my laptop booted, I lost most of it. So I've improvised.

tir_synni, this is the story I was talking about.

Title: Remember the Lilies
Rating: R for gore
Characters: Roy, Hughes, Scar
Warnings: Character death, gory, and angsty is putting it mildly.

If you're looking for Hughes cuteness, lookit the next post down... not here.

“But Roy! She’s so cute in her daisy dress! Not as cute as the lilies, but still, she’s super-duper cute!”


“See???” Hughes stuffed a new round of pictures into his best friend’s face. They were walking down a dark street in Central, after a little bit of time at a nearby bar.

Roy pushed them away. “Yes, Maes, she’s adorable.”

Maes suddenly stopped walking. The pictures vanished.

“I heard it too.” Roy said. He pulled his hands out of his pockets, gloves in hand. He started to slip them on.

“Who’s there?” Maes called. His hand had already darted to his knife pouch and back.

They crept around to the nearby alley. They looked at each other. Before they could execute their silent plan, a long line of spiked rocks shot out from the floor, arcing their way. They jumped out of the way.

Roy noticed the streaks of red transmutation energy. “It’s Scar,” he muttered.

“Get out of here. I’ll hold him off while you get away. It’s you he’s after.”

“Bullshit!” Roy came around the corner of the alley. “I’ll take you on, Scarred One.”

“The Flame Alchemist. I saw what you did to my people. You take the very air God gave us to breathe and twist it to your own means. Then you use it to destroy the rest of Creation! You must pay for your sins!”

“I’m sorry, but I like living way too much to let you kill me.” Roy snapped.

The man narrowly dodged the fireball and charged, leading with his right arm. Hughes threw his trusty knife and it landed in his palm. Scar growled, and then decomposed it, leaving the cut it had made. It allowed Roy to jump off to the side.

“Maes! Go get the MPs! I’ll keep him busy,” Roy shouted.

“No way! He’s trying to kill you, Roy!”

“He’s doing an awfully poor job of it.”

This enraged Scar further. “Die, you heretic!” he shouted as he moved in to attack again. Roy ducked, and rolled to his other side. He rose to one knee and snapped again, aiming for the arm. Scar grabbed it as it began to blister. As he panted, he looked over the top of his sunglasses at Roy. Deep and dark met red and fiery, one set as intense as the other.

Maes seized the opportunity and threw one knife after another at scar, dotting his back. After the third, Scar rose up and lunged before he could react.

“Maes!” Roy shouted. He dove, trying to get to Scar before he got to his friend.

Hughes’ reflexes weren’t up to par. Damned liquor specials. He tried to dive out of the way, but Scar was faster.

Roy heaved all his weight into the large Ishballan. He snapped, making the flame as intense as he could while still doing as little harm to Hughes as possible.

He didn’t know in that moment that it was already too late. Scar escaped the flames, fleeing from the alley and down the street.

Panting, he went to Maes on the ground. As he looked at his friend, what he saw finally registered.




Maes’ eyes were still open, though there wasn’t much left above that.

“Maes!” Roy dropped to his knees next to his body.

Maes’ legs were crooked under him, as though he had dropped to his knees, then fallen backward. The knife that was in his hand had fallen near his knees; it had dropped out of his hand as he fell.

“Maes…” Roy said quietly. A bit of white around the area of Maes’ chest caught his eye. He pulled it from the chest pocket and then realized what it was. One of the pictures he had just gotten done showing him. The one with the lilies on her dress. Now tainted with a few drops of blood. Roy’s fist clenched around the picture, crumpling it.

Two sets of quick-moving footsteps drew Roy’s eyes up to the mouth of the alley. They were familiar. One set was metallic and rattled. Fullmetal and his brother.

He rose and met them at the end of the alley, trying to block the gruesome sight.

“Scar came this way didn’t he?” Ed said impatiently. His jacket was shredded, and his automail was exposed.

“I’ve already handled him. He won’t be coming out anytime soon.”

“Dammit! He’s mine!” Ed growled. He punched his flesh hand into his automail one.

“Colonel…” Al said quietly. Roy could hear the armor rattle. Dammit, he can see over me. “Colonel Mustang… is that?…”

“You don’t need to worry about what happened here.”

“Al, what are you talking about?” Ed said as he tried to look around his superior.

“Let’s go, Brother. Let’s call it a night.”

Roy met Al’s eyes, and they both knew they had the same thought. Ed doesn’t need to see this.

“Stop blocking me, Shit-Colonel!” Ed dashed around but stopped when he stepped on something that went squish under his boot. He looked down.

Roy kept his back to the boy. He didn’t want to see the further trauma setting in.

“Colonel… What happened?” Ed said. His voice was hoarse.

“Lieutenant Colonel Hughes and I were on the way back from a bar when we came across Scar. We tried to subdue him but… You can see for yourself.”

He couldn’t see it, but he knew that Fullmetal was shouting at his back. “Why don’t you go after him?! He’s your best friend! He died saving you!”

“You think I don’t know that?!” Roy screamed as he whirled around. He took a moment to recollect himself. “He died protecting me, so I’m not going to run off and squander that so quickly. I’m not you.”

Ed pulled back ready to punch, but stopped. “I’m going after him. I’ll remember this when I’m bashing his face in.” He started out of the alley.

Roy stopped him. He straightened out the picture. He pressed it into Ed’s hand. “Remember this instead.”

Ed looked at it. He looked back up, and nodded. “He ran that way.”

*waits for the squicks*

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