Luna (rainy_luna) wrote in fm_alchemist,

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A little help!


I recently found out that the WInry songfiles were out, and so I downloaded them. But then I realized I barely have any of the other songfiles, and then so my search began. I have checked the memories for the community, checked some of the websites there(Got the Alphonse songfiles that way...), but I'm having trouble finding the Roy songfiles, and Asu he no basho from the Edward songfiles.

If anyone could direct me to a direct link, send it to me through email on yousendit or even over AIM, I'd be greatful, and So happy it's not even funny.

If I've been really stupid and completely missed the link in the memory section, I'm really sorry!

If anyone could help me, please comment! It's greatly appreciated, thanks a bunch!

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