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Anime Expo 2005: Your Friendly SoCal Tour Guide


Anyone else staying at the Four Points Sheraton? I'll be there Friday afternoon through Tuesday morning. (WOOT! Fourth o' July on Monday~!) I'll probably be doing anime trades and marathons, because a friend is bringing her computer. There's a strong chance of watching FMA and Princess Tutu. Also, we have pool toys and it would rock to take over the swimming pool with people we can actually socialize with. If I like you at the con itself, I may ask you over anyway, even if you don't stay at 4pts. Depends on my friends.

If anyone else is going to stay for the Fourth.... we should have a big beach party down in Huntington Beach or Long Beach. My friends and I are familiar with the area. If we go to Huntington, which is nicer and has more parking and bigass firepits for the pyros, parking costs about $8/car. Just so you know... Ah, it'd prolly be crowded near Huntington Pier, so we'd prolly park waaaaaaaay on the end of that beach, where it merges with Sunset Beach. (By the Jack In The Box, for those familiar with the area.) The convenience stores on PCH sell firewood for the pits, so we dun have to worry about that. *shrug* It'd rock to have a party.

( Fake cut to stuff to do in the area, if you're willing and able to drive. Includes: Anaheim area, SoCal attractions & major shopping areas, Long Beach area, and beaches. )

If anyone needs help with their cosplay-- like, having someone draw Ouroboros or Flamels or any other body art, I'll help. =D

I'll be cosplaying Trisha Elric from FMA. X3 So I'll look like a country housewife, complete with apron. XD I'll be walking around with a Winry with short black hair XD XD XD and possibly a very authentic manga!Paninya (no automail arm), if slvrstarlight got her camo pants...

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