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FMA fighting game

Does anyone have any translations/FAQ's/unlock list for the FMA fighting game Dream Carnival? My boyfriend recently pirated procured it for me, and it's alot of fun. Yeah, it's simple, no big combos or anything, but if you're used to/like Super Smash Brothers, you'll like this. It's full of crack too, for instance, at the end of the Roy and Riza Scenario mode (you play as them against a few other pairs of characters, ending in the Fuhrer by himself), you get to see a little ending cutscene, shown through pics that display reactions (much more expressive than those used in the PS2 RPG) that Roy and Riza go out on a date, 66 busts in and starts cooing over Riza, then apparantly he's garnered her a legion of fangirls who soon stampede, leaving Roy dateless and a little depressed.

And in the Ed and Al one, Scar cannot bear the cuteness that is one of the kittens stored in Al's armor... he gets hearts for eye.... hearts

So if anyone has any information to share, I'd muchly appreciate it!

Note: I've already tried all the usual suspects, Google, Gamefaqs, etc.

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