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Adamantine Dreams Chapter 2

And here’s chapter 2. Sorry its so short. ^^;; Anyways, as always comments and crits loved, and worshiped a quite possibly molested.

Title: Adamantine Dreams [Chapter 2 - Similarities ]
Series: Hagaren
Coupling: None really in this chapter, Alphonse Heidelric x Ed planned for later.
Rating: PG? I’ll give it a PG-13 just to be safe. X3
Disclaimer: I don’t own Hagaren, nor any of the sexahness that is the characters. They belong to Hiromu Arakawa-sama. Love her, for she is the_almighty. The lyrics at the beginning are from ‘Four Seasons’ which is from Inu-Yasha: Tenka Hadou no Ken. I don’t own that either.
Other warnings: This fiction takes place after episode 51, and thusly… is quite spoiler-filled.

Dokonimo anata wa inai kedo
I’LL BE ALRIGHT me wo tsubureba soko ni
Kawaranai ai wo I BELIEVE
Although you are not anywhere,
I’ll be all right. If I close my eyes, you’ll be there.
In unchanging love, I believe.

As they reached the bottom of the stairs, and Alphonse led Edward into the kitchen, Trisha looked up and turned towards them. Taking in the state of Edward, she put her hands on his hips. Her eyes swept passed the now somewhat worn clothing, the way it seemed rather baggy on his form, and then the state of his hair.

“…Do you live with you parents?” She asked, and if he did she was going to have a nice long talk with them on how to raise a growing boy.

“No, m’aam. My dad is in London… I live by my self.” He shuffled a bit under her scrutinous gaze, suddenly feeling rather self-conscious.

“London? Why don’t you live with him there? You’re still just a child!” Trisha seemed shocked that a man would allow his son to travel so far by himself.

He felt a little annoyance at being called a child; however he pushed it to the back of his mind. “I’m 17, m’aam. It was also my own decision to come here.”

“17 is still a child!” She looked some what annoyed a moment, then turned back to the stove. “You two go ahead and sit down. It’ll be done soon. Alphonse, why don’t you get you two something to drink.”

“Yes, mom.” With that the boy bounced to the cupboard, pulling out two glassing then rummaging in the fridge for something.

“…..your clothes need stitching - washing it seems as well- a shower wouldn’t hurt either, dear.” Trisha was now fussing over Edward again. “…after dinner, you’re going to get a shower, and some fresh clothes.” Edward opened his mouth to protest. “Not questions about it. I will not have you leave this house until you’re cleaned up.”

Edward scratched the back of his head a bit, laughing a bit nervously. “Yes, m’aam.”

Alphonse sat a glass down in front of Edward. “Here. Drink up, you probably need it!” He laughed a little.

Edward blinked, not quite sure what he meant, or at least until his took a sip of the drink. “MILK?!”

This caused Alphonse some amusement, as Edward was now glaring at the glass as if it would attack him at any given moment. “…I’m guessing that you don’t like milk…? That explains a little bit about your height.”

“Just who are you calling so short that he can not be seen easily by the naked eye and is completely unnoticeable even next to the most miniscule of beans?!” He was now huffing indignantly.

Alphonse poked his nose, laughing a little. “You.”

“Boy, stop fighting! It’s time for dinner.”

Dinner had been a rather enjoyable affair for all three of them, spent laughing and talking. Trisha had just watched the two, a smile on her face. She hadn’t seen Alphonse act like this since before his brother left. The woman couldn’t deny the similarities between this stray boy Alphonse had brought home, and her own son. She was happy that Alphonse had found someone he connected with, she just hoped that Alphonse realized that this boy wasn’t his brother… then again; she was having difficulty herself separating between the two herself.

After dinner was done, Trisha began to clean off the table. She stopped a moment, looking at Alphonse. “Alphonse, get him a towel, and some clean clothes.” Edward had been about to say something, when she interrupted. “No, you aren’t going home until you’re cleaned up. Don’t even try to argue with me, Edward.”

Alphonse nodded to his mother, then grabbed Edward’s hand with a slight smile, taking him upstairs. He opened a hall closet, pulling out a towel and handing it to the alchemist. “There’s really no sense in trying to argue with her when she’s playing mother hen. It really doesn’t do any good. She never changes her mind.”

Edward laughed a little. “Well, it could be worse I suppose.” He actually found that he was enjoying being here with them, he felt a sense of family that he hadn’t felt in what seemed like forever.

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