Catie (catystorm) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Straight from the front page: Rumor: Adding fuel to the fire (11:16 AM EST): After mentioning the Full Metal Alchemist domain named being owned by FUNimation the other day (something that may or may not mean anything as we've said previously), some ambitious readers have done a bit more poking around publicly available tools. FUNimation also seems to have rights to, but that one is curious in that they're listed as the administrative side of it while the technical side is based out of Sapporo, Japan. This record was created on 02/19/2004, which sets it apart from the controversy that raged last year about who said what about One Piece.

FUNimation also appears to have some hope for Kodomo no Omacha as the registered back in August of 2003 as well, just three days prior to creating the Full Metal Alchemist record.

Again, this is all rumors and does not indicate an actual license, but is part of the fun of the hunt that many of those who wonder about licensing enjoy pursuing.

Omoshiroii, neh?

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