Rappydappydappy McTappy (raptorix) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Rappydappydappy McTappy

Shoutout to the So-Cali FMA fans!

Guess what?

Anime Expo is a week away! (Holy crap where has the time gone?!)

Well then, I'd like to ask, who in this Comm is all going? Anime Expo is the big West-Coast con that everyone looks forward to...

So asking you guys: Who's cosplaying and as what? (if it's FMA-related)

This'll be my third year, and I have yet to figure out the panel system, and find where panels are being held and all that such. Will the more panel-savvy fans going to this help me out? (or can I tag along with you when you go?)

one more set of questions: So is Vic going to be showing his Fullmetal Fantasy video at AX? And are any other of the Dub VA's coming? (I heard Travis is coming since he's a local and such).

And for your info: I'm still going to cosplay as Ran Fan on Saturday, I hope to finish my costume this week and post the pictures up asap! I also plan on going back on Sunday just to cosplay outside on the patio between the convention center and the hotel.

*hopples off to continue working on her costume*

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