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30 November 2003 @ 01:48 pm
You hate me to say and I do not obey;  
Not much to offer today, but I found new FMA game screencaps on the Anime-Keep Forums.

Also, check out my new FMA layout, made by the lovely fairypark! *squees* Ed is so cute! I just wish I had a FMA mood set to match to it! *hint, hint*

Anyways, SaiyaMan hasn't released the new FMA (does anyone know anyplace else that has the raw?), but the official website has a low-quality preview of episode ten. It looks VERY sweet. If you know Japanese, you should check out the FMA BBS. I had problems posting at first, because the rules are all in kanji. Apparently, you can't post URLs or e-mail addresses in your posts... It will take about a day for your post to show up (they apparently go through every post to make sure it's revelant and meets all the guidelines), but it's a good way to get in touch with Japanese FMA fans.

I noticed that Yahoo!Japan Auctions have TONS of FMA doujin. Has anyone been able to get their hands on some? And if so, where? NO ONE ships internationally...

I should have a batch of icons sometime this evening or tomorrow.
Current Music: Yoko Kanno - Noelle
Sputnik Sweetheartselphish on December 1st, 2003 04:04 am (UTC)
Dude, Saint Seiya was out IN THE DAY. Like, earlier in the 80s than YST, even. Sadly enough, I'm the only person (IRL) I know that downloads anime episodes as they come out.

I'm actually a first year Japanese student, and I translate shoujo manga for practice. I know about 24 kanji, though my katakana sucks. I'm hopefully going to join the JET Program once I graduate...in three and a half more years. >_>

Come to think of it, one of my online friends was in Tokyo for the WeiB concert--dilettantka. Do you happen to know her?
Touma Karamochitouma_karamochi on December 1st, 2003 05:13 am (UTC)
yep. met up with her, in fact, she was part of our little Gaijin group(as I call it... ^-^) She's really cool too! ^-^ I just friended her on here. ^-^

Good luck in getting on JET and on your Japanese, it just takes practice... ^-^ I'm getting ready to take the Proficency test on Sunday, so I have to study up on things.
Sputnik Sweetheartselphish on December 1st, 2003 10:55 am (UTC)
Good luck! I'm sure you can do it! That's a hell of a lot of kanji!