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Well, I haven't subjected everyone to my artwork yet, so I figure I might as well get it out of the way...

Silly little oC drawing. I wish my hand didn't hurt, or it might have been in color. Why is Edward upset? Who knows? Might have something to do with the backorder manga volume I got yesterday...but who knows, who knows...

I also saw episode 21 (finally) and OH MY GOD. I literally JUMPED when I realized it was Gran leading those inmates (I knew it was Envy, but still...ugh, I hated that guy!). I thought it was a very cool touch that Al protected Scar, even though the latter is incredibly dangerous to his brother. I also jumped when I saw what state Tucker was in. When the armor started talking about the person that created the chimera, I remembered Tucker, but I didn't expect him to be in that state. DAMN he's insane.

It left me with the same feeling I had after the Nina episode...man...sorta dreading episode 22, even though I REALLY REALLY want it... T-T

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