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I'm going to die for this...

Alright, *takes a deep breath*

This is the first Chapter of My threesome fic 'Crimson Ice' I'ts a bit on the rough side but I'd figure I'd share it with you all anyway.

Title: Crimson Ice (part 1)
Pairing: Grred/Archer/Kimblee
Rating: NC-17 (for lots of bad words, sex references and the like.)
Summary: Greed has a feeling Kimblee's been seeing someone behind his back, and his attempt to investigate had gotten him in over his head.
Spoilers: I don't think there really are any. *double checks* nope. all clear!

watch out for Greed's kinky daydreams!

Crimson Ice (part one)

Greed could smell Kimblee. There was no mistaking that spicy sort of scent mixed with the sharp tang of alchemical energies. Kimblee had been sneaking off lately, and Greed wanted to know why. He had let Kimblee leave that evening, and shortly thereafter decided to follow him. He was now standing outside a bar, a little more upscale than his own Devil’s Nest. Kimblee had gone inside about an hour ago, dressed more carefully than he usually was. Greed noticed he had chosen a pair of perfectly tailored black pants and a crimson red shirt, befitting his title. Greed was suspicious. Perhaps Kimblee was seeing someone? Someone other than Greed?

He punched a nearby wall, leaving a large indentation where he had connected. He knew he was a possesive bastard, but he didn’t care. Kimblee was the first person he had ever cared for more than just a simple bed partner. He was jealous. Kimblee was his. He was the one Kimblee opened up to. He was the one Kimblee blew up on a daily basis. And he was the only one Kimblee needed.

“I’ll kill whoever walks out that door with him.” Greed hissed. He had never been so jealous. He started to wonder if maybe he should have been named Envy. He was broken out of his grumblings by the sound of Kimblee’s voice, quiet and calm. The kind of voice he used when he was trying to seduce someone. Greed let his fists curl up, the carbon shield beginning to form on his hands and wrists. He was going to kill the bastard with him.

Kimblee emerged with a tall, handsome man, dressed in a military uniform. Or at least, parts of it. He wore the characteristic coattails and dress pants, but opted for a white dress shirt rather than the typical shirt and jacket of the uniform. By the look of him, he held quite the rank. At the very least a Major. His sleek black hair was brushed away from his face but that was about all that Greed could make out.

Good enough. He would Just have to get closer to the pair, to see just who it was he was about to kill. He turned the corner, and walked straight towards Kimblee and his companion, a look of sheer malevolance plastered to his face like a frightening mask. He watched Kimblee take a step backwards, with a sharp intake of breath, quite intimidated by Greed’s approach. What Greed didn’t expect was the other man to pull out a gun. And he did it faster than Greed thought possible for a human. Soon he was staring into the barrel of a pistol, and for the first time he looked at who he was trying to kill.

Oh Shit.

Greed had never seen a man so flat-out gorgeous. Sure he had a gun, and sure it was aimed at his head, but damn, His eyes rivaled Kimblee’s in their sheer brilliance. Cold, sharp, and very, very dangerous. He was intelligent, no doubt about it and there was no way this man was going to let anyone get the best of him. He looked to be the type of person who could easily smooth talk his way out of any situation, but Greed wasn’t exactly interested in his intelligence.

Greed’s stare returned to the man’s eyes. So sharp like Kimblee’s, only they were blue. And not just any blue. The clear and blue like glacial ice. Greed didn’t think a human could have eyes that colour, and right now they had the deadliest glare he’d ever seen too. If he had been anyone else he would have been convinced to move. But of course, being Greed of all people, it wasn’t like that man blowing his head off would make much difference. In fact, Greed found his glare arousing. In his mind he was wandering again being the lustful, sex-loving creature he was. Those pale eyes would look so incredible full of desire, clouded over and smoky. He found himself wondering how wide they’d become if he wrapped his hands around that pale neck and squeezed. Not enough to kill him of course, but just enough to make him squirm.

Greed’s anger was quickly replaced by these distracting thoughts. Perhaps this little bit of infedelity would be to his advantage. Greed grinned at the man maliciously. Thinking about his eyes brought him to look over the rest of the man…

And he wasn’t disappointed in the least.

“Get the hell out of my way.” The pale man commanded, his voice barely above a conversational tone. He didn’t need to yell, he was imposing enough without it. The cold light from the moon did nothing to make his stance any less threatening, or, any less appealing. He was well-built, not as sleek and catlike as Kimblee at all. Greed found himself again, wondering what it would be like to run his claws along his porcelain white body, and feel him pulse under his touch as he dug his claws in enough to draw blood to the surface of his perfect skin. What would it be like to fuck the man? To hear that calm voice purr and build to a wild scream, to feel him arch up to reach him?

Greed was shaken from his erotic daydream by the sound of another voice. A familiar voice. Kimblee had since recovered from the fright and stepped out from behind the man.

“Archer, don’t shoot him. You’d be wasting bullets.”

“Kimblee.” Greed purred as the Crimson Alchemist appeared behind the man. “So this is who you’ve been running off to see on the side hmm?” Greeds grin was absolutely demonic with glee as he watched Kimble blush, and fumble for a reply. He finally found out what his alchemist had been up to. He should have been mad, he should have still been ready to kill this Archer, but he was actually grateful for Kimblee’s little side forays now that he thought about it. Greed had an idea. A wicked, cruel but oh so wonderful idea. Kimblee was so possessive at times and he could use that to draw them both in. “I thought it was me you wanted. Guess I’ve been replaced huh?” He watched the dismay on Kimblee’s face as he struggled to reply.

“You little bastard.” Kimblee hissed.

Enjoy! and please don't beat me too hard. I haven't written a fic in a long time!

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