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Fanfiction -- Warped Mirrors

Title: Warped Mirrors
Genre: AU
Rating: PGish
Summary: A regular transmutation goes bizarrely awry and leads to a situation Edward and Alphonse never expected.
Previous Chapters: 1 2 3

Winry Rockbell was rewiring the kitchen. With patients few and far between in the small town of Resembool, she had to keep herself occupied *somehow*. And her grandmother had banned her from the lab again.

The interior lights in the kitchen had been acting oddly, so she decided to fiddle with them and perhaps fix the problem. Two hours later she was completely rewiring the place.

Den lay by the far wall, fast asleep. Winry leaned back to reach some pliers when the dog abruptly woke up. He stretched, then barked. "Den?" Winry asked, when the dog turned and bolted out the open kitchen door.

Exasperated, Winry got to her feet. The dog was getting old, now, and wasn't that excitable. They must have company. Really, Den only kicked up that much of a fuss when Ed and Al stopped by ... but they just left three days ago for Central.

"Den!" She followed the dog to the door, and stopped. Sure enough, there was Edward and Alphonse, coming up the path as if they hadn’t just left a few days prior. She stood in the doorway, hands on her hips and an irritated expression on her face. If he’d managed to bang up her top-notch automail already, she’d have his head.

“Edward Elric, you better not have messed up your arm already,” she shouted at him, waving a wrench threateningly in his direction. To her surprise, both of the Elrics stopped dead. Oh, that was an admission of guilt if she’d ever seen one. She stomped out the door and straight toward them.

Den had already reached Edward and was barking joyfully. He patted the dog on the head distractedly, watching Winry come straight towards him. What, wasn’t he going to run? That was his usual response.

As Winry stomped closer, she saw Alphonse. Their Al. In the flesh. Abruptly she slowed, staring in confusion at Alphonse next to Edward, and the other Alphonse walking towards them. That Alphonse was arguing animatedly with some blonde girl dressed similarly to Edward. As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, two more Alphonses followed them.

She stopped walking and waved her wrench distractedly at the … copies? “What…? Al…?”

“I’m right here, Winry,” Alphonse said quietly, from beside Edward.

“But… what…?” She shook her head animatedly. “I don’t… understand… “

The unknown girl shrugged at her. “Neither do we. You’re Winry, I take it.”

Winry nodded, glancing at Edward for help. “Ed… what’s… going on?”

He just shrugged at her.


Winry couldn’t believe it. She tried, several times, to make sense of it, but each time her brain just told her not to bother. There were six Elric siblings running around the place. As if two weren’t bad enough.

She frowned at Edana. This female version of Ed had somehow managed to screw up her automail, and Winry was tempted to take a wrench to her for it. Fortunately the repairs were minor at best and didn’t require removing the arm.

However, when Edana had first asked Winry to take a look at it, she managed to traumatize all the other Elrics. She had taken off her inner jacket, of course, and then without hesitating, started to take off her tube top.

Winry had never seen a room clear faster of male presence. Alanza still stood there, waving her arms frantically at Edana while Winry simply facepalmed.

The funniest bit about it, though, had been the fact that Edana was genuinely puzzled. “Winnie always has to have me take it off to work on the automail,” she told Winry while Winry worked on her arm. “It usually covers half the socket, and it’s just in the way.”

“Yes,” Winry had said patiently. “But that’s only in front of, well… you’re world’s version of me. Who is essentially a mechanical doctor for you.”

“And Alanza,” Edana said.

“The POINT is that you don’t just start to strip in front of a room full of guys,” Winry said, tightening one of the screws. “There. How’s that feel?”

Edana rotated her arm a few times, swinging it experimentally. “That’s excellent. Thanks.” She stood up and started pulling her top back on. “I still don’t get why they were so freaked out, though,” she told Winry, folding her black jacket over one arm. “We’re all related anyway.”

“It’s just weird,” Winry told her. “And it freaks them out. So just be careful about dressing around them, okay?”

Alanza followed Edana out as Winry put the rest of her tools away. She rolled her eyes as she heard Alanza’s voice raise. “NO, you can’t flash them for fun. Stop it, ‘neesan.”

“Al, you *never* let me have any fun,” she heard Edana complain.

While Edana was having her automail looked at, Edward, the flesh Alphonse and the other Edward were sparring on the front lawn. Her Alphonse was checking on Paw-paw, the cat they had brought Winry and her grandmother the last time they had come back from Central. Since they’d been gone, the cat had her kittens.

It was madness, plain and simple.

None of the sets of Elrics had any explanation for their sudden predicament. While their experiences were not all the same, the fact remained that they had all been in that cave at the same time and nearly been buried alive. Maybe it was something about the mountain?

“Hey, Winry!”

She moved to the window, to glance down at the rolling front lawn. Edward was waving up at her, down to his tank top and a pair of shorts that had better not have been his boxers. If he was running around in his underwear *again*…

“If you and Edana are done up there, you should come out here! Pinako-baachan made sandwiches!”

“Right,” she called back down to him. He waved again, and then was tackled from the side by the other Alphonse. The pair went over, struggling.

They had taken next to no time at all to get used to these bizarre circumstances, that was for sure. Of course, they could be taking out all of their worry and frustrations physically, that would explain the fervor with which they were currently sparring. Her stomach rumbled, reminding her exactly how long it had been since breakfast. Winry dropped her wrench on the workbench and went out to join them.

This story's taken over my brain. *_*

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