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Pic dump including Shirtless Ed Propaganda

So. Sometimes, I draw pictures.
Some older stuff first.
Ed putting his antenna in a curler. This is stolen from some 4-koma I saw a few months back, where he was doing it in hopes of adding just a little bit more height.
Ed, apparently after having ALL his hair put. in. curlers. Heh heh heh heh. In these pictures, he has no automail. He has been magically restored...because I don't like drawing the automail.

I got bored and drew myself...propaganda. This amounts to FMA, and I like attention, so here I am. (No word as to whether it's working yet, though I did have fun.) If you can, ignore the propaganda part? I suddenly realized people might feel bad about it but I'm just too lazy to edit out the words. Instead, look at the pictures.
Roy with his shirt a little off. (Probably not worksafe. Bedroom eyes.)
Ed with his shirt definitely off. (Probably more not worksafe. Shirtless Ed. With stuff in his mouth.) a Sailor suit. Calling herself Sailor Fullmetal. Stop that. (Worksafe, or not, depends on how you feel looking at an anime girl in a Sailor fuku at work)

Ed with his shirt and pants and underwear and jacket and socks (but not shoes) off, did I mention this is (censored but) really not worksafe? He's sitting in a chair. It's a surprise for someone, maybe you if you didn't mean to look? (Or if you're going, hey, what'd she do with his automail again?) I like this premise, but I draw his limbs and torso too long. They should be cute and stubby.

I am always filled with questions but I don't feel quite right asking them without some sort of gift to the world. The two most burning ones, at the moment, are: where's the Roy x Sche...Shes...look, I love her, but I can't spell her name? And does anybody have that doujinshi where Ed is sitting in Roy's lap and Roy is talking on the phone and doing naughty things to Ed? Also, one apparently by the same people where they go to an onsen and Ed blushes like a mofo.
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