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Any Fury fans out there??

Okay people, I know you're out there. Show yourselves. If you're a Fury fan, please, report here in a comment and if I see that it would worth it, I'll found a Fury community. I don't want to take careless steps and I won't do anything until I'm certain that my efforts will pay off. Why make a comm when nobody wants to join...? So if you like the idea, say so and perhaps we'll have our own little place to "fangirl" about our fave character.

Of course, if there are more capable people, with the desire, free time and experience to moderate the club better than me, just tell me and I'll hand the job over to you. Please, report too if there's a Fury comm already, which I didn't notice; two communities would be illogical to maintain.

Have a nice day.

EDIT: Eight in, two more to go. Does anybody know, where kawaiimae and swirling_chaos are hiding...?

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