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A little late...but

Woo! Anime North Crap I bought...For your viewing pleasure.

This is only the FMA stuff I bought, you can look at pictures I took around the con at my sister's msn space. There's three albums, one for each day. Click. For more stuff about my trip, you can check My Site I've got an entry on anime north awhile back.

Onto stuff I bought... That has to do with FMA.

My wallscroll, with Ed and Al on it. It's right over my bed, so when I wake up I can be like: "'Morning Ed, Moring Al."

My poster, of Ed... Duh... Yeah, the flash on my camera made it shiny. Oops.

Some stuff, One print of Ed and Al and a cute lil bookmark with Envy, in the corner there is a picture I had Vic sign. <3 I also made him say that he's not a shortie, and I recorded it. <3

OMFG. My Pride and Joy. My sweet Edo figurine that Vic also signed for me. The picture turned out bad, but if you look hard enough you can see it.


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